[CLOSED] Lexington Stud Studbook [BIY]

  • RDEC Diaconus
    alt text
    Sire: RDEC Trinidad Dam: RDEC Demeter
    Show Jumping : 158 pts, bonus points sj + 9, dressage + 4
    Stud fee: $25,800
    MSE Kambarbay
    alt text
    Foundation, Show Jumping : 154 pts, bonus points sj + 4
    Stud fee: $10,400
    MSE Crafted Messages
    alt text
    Sire: MSE Wicked Messenger Dam: Witchcraft PL (T)
    Show Jumping : 148 pts, bonus points sj + 6, eventing + 5
    Stud fee: $14,800
    GWDS Castleton
    alt text
    Foundation, Show Jumping : 156 pts, bonus points sj + 4
    Stud fee: $12,600
    RDEC Varadaar
    Sire: RDEC Gottecourt Dam : RDEC Voccardieu
    Show Jumping : 117 pts, bonus points sj + 13
    Stud fee: $25,700
    RDEC Lerentino
    alt text
    Sire: RDEC Vaquero Dam: RDEC Lirik
    Dressage : 194 pts, bonus points dressage + 9, eventing + 5
    Stud fee: $20,700
    RDEC Radamon
    alt text
    Sire: Valegro HA Dam: RDEC Roseville
    Dressage : 142 pts, bonus points dressage + 13
    Stud fee: $23,800
    RDEC Flickerfly
    alt text
    Sire: RDEC Illuminartist Dam: RDEC Fallulah
    Eventing : 169 pts, bonus points eventing + 9
    Stud fee: $16,900
    LGS Divento
    alt text
    Foundation, Eventing : 148 pts, bonus points eventing + 3
    Stud fee: $10,800
    NOTE: some pics are old ( excluding Diaconus, Filckerfly, Crafted Messages') but most of the horses have been updated ( coats and conformation ) so if you are seriously interested in breeding then i can take CAS photos of the horse(s)
    Horse's files will NOT be sent for the breeding, as it is a BIY so you only need a stallion's genotype.

  • Hi! Can I request breeding with RDEC Radamon please? <3 gorgeous horses here!

  • Radamon and flickerfly! I have to see if I have a mare available ❤️❤️

  • Administrators

    What are their breeds? I'm interested in maybe a couple depending on their breed. :)

  • @Blake-Bellanaris most of them are Dutch Warmbloods, one is Wielkopolski and one Akhal-Teke :)

  • This post is deleted!

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