{Ends When Sold!} Selling All Warmbloods!

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    As some of you might be aware of, im selling all (im lying, im keeping about 4) of my warmbloods. This means basically all my warmbloods are for sale.
    I have gone out of my way and contacted previous owners if they want their horses back, so some have gone back to their original owners. But for the ones that have been given permission for me to sell, will be up for sale.

    I have a google sheet for view below with all available horses for sale on it. Im not too fussy on prices, so anything above 5k - 6k per horse is fine for me, as im more looking more at their homes then money. A lot of these horses are newly registered, so they have a low amount of points, but again thats all listed on the sheet.
    If you have any concerns or questions, shoot me a message either on here or on slack (although i reply faster by slack).

    I dont have any rules really, just be respectful of these horses, and give them loving home, and if you do wish to sell them in future, you do not have to let me know. Im getting out of warmbloods from now so i will not have any interest in buying them back. First offers will most likely get their deseired horse, but i will be looking at what their home will be like - dont worry im not too strict.

    So please, if you do feel like you have room for just onnnne more horse, please offer to give at least one of these beauties a home :heart:

    Check Out Horses For Sale Here!

  • Sent you a message on Slack :)

  • Thank you all to those that have given these horses homes! It really means a lot that these horses are going to loving homes. Still a lot left for you to buy! :heart:

  • Bump!
    Managed to almost sell all of these guys! Thank you all so much. There are still quite a few left looking for homes. Remeber again, all offers welcome. Loving homes wanted :heart:
    Dont be afraid to send me a message :P

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