[CLOSED] Morning Star Equestrian/Fallen Angel Acres/Dark Intentions Stable BIY Service

  • Morning Star Equestrian/Fallen Angel Acres/Dark Intentions Stable BIY Service

    Service Status: Closed

    Terms of Stud
    updated January 14, 2017

    General Rules

    1. Standard rules apply (no uploading the horse for download, only one file per person, do not alter coat/conformation, etc). BIY Rule Reminder: As part of these "standard rules", the rule of not using my horse for a template for another horse also applies!!! If I see others doing this, I will stop this service immediately. I'm trusting you on this so please be respectful of me and my horses.
    2. This is Breed-It-Yourself (BIY) only. This means you are using a horse of mine to create the resulting horse yourself; I am not creating the horse.
    3. There is no activity requirement for the created offspring. I have no claim on a horse you created.
    4. Because I did not create the horse, please [b]do not add my prefix[/b] to the created horse. My prefix is like my signature. I didn’t make it so it does not belong on it. Having my horses in the pedigree is enough for me.
    5. Once application is sent, I will review and notify you if it is accepted. I ask that you send payment promptly once an application has been accepted. Because I am not working on my own time schedule, I will not monitor your time schedule. I will accept the fee once it is given to me unless you have requested to use my file. If that is the case, I will accept the fee once I have sent the file.
    6. If I see my horses having offspring that I have no application approval and payment record for, I will seek moderator action.
    7. If I decline your application, please treat me with respect. I will try to state why it was declined, but sometimes I may not have time to do so. I will not tolerate disrespectful behavior and service will be terminated if I receive treatment of this nature.
    8. Related to above, please respect what I have stated as accepted outcrosses. I know I may not have included every possible breed that may be used in real life. I am open to discuss it with you, but please, let’s keep it simple: if you dislike my decisions, then do not use my service.
    9. By agreeing to this service, you agree to make realistic offspring. This includes color and conformation. It is your choice to breed a rare colored offspring from my horses. On the application, I ask if you would like suggestions on the cross, if applicable in which I can help with possible outcomes to register the offspring.

    How do I use this service?

    IMPORTANT: I will offer a reduced fee or alternative payment for members that have under $60,000 in their bank. Please make sure you select it in the application (I will check your bank to confirm). If you have more than this amount, but are still concerned about payment, you can message me, but it is not a guarantee that I will accept an alternative. I have seen horses with about the same points/pedigree, and even fewer, go for more money than what I am asking.

    • Navigate to the spreadsheet that is linked below. Use the first tab to select the discipline and sex of the horse you desire. Please use this feature! There are over 150 horses on this sheet and this is the best way to narrow your options! This sheet is fairly massive. Give it some time to load if it appears not to be working. If problems continue, please let me know.

    • Once you have narrowed the horses, use the next two tabs to find more information on the horse. Type in the name of the horse you are interested in (or copy/paste the name).

    • Some horses do not yet have two photos. I will be adding them when I can. If you are interested in a horse that does not have a photo yet, every horse in the sheet should have a main site image and you can look it up there. You can also message me and I will move it up in the image priority.

    • All other points and bonuses should update automatically as horses gain points. The only one that is manual is the grandparent bonus. This may not be most up to date.

    • Grandparent bonus means the bonus that an offspring will receive. Some horses may have a different bonus than what is stated applied to themselves, but this would be too far back in the offspring horse’s pedigree to be beneficial. These are not stated. What is stated is what an offspring would receive in additional bonuses. Sometimes these bonuses are not in the same discipline as the parent horse; I still stated these for potential interest.

    • Pricing is roughly based on number of titles, total points, breed, and additional pedigree points an offspring would receive. More uncommon breeds are likely to have lower prices despite having the same or greater bonuses. This is because I would like to boost breeding of less common breeds and often these horses have fewer active offspring currently.

    • Each horse has a limit to the number of offspring it will produce. I have not yet decided the cut off of seasons. Depending on the popularity, it may be one to two months; it may be a full ES year. It is unlikely to be longer than a full ES year. If that is the case, I am more likely to close breeding and remove the horse from the list.

    • This sheet does not include all of my horses. If a horse is not on the list it is [b]NOT[/b] available for this service. Please do not inquire about a horse that is not on the spreadsheet. Horses may be added or removed from the service at any time.

    • Use the application below. You will be required to have decided on which of my horses you want to use, have a picture of the horse you wish to breed to it, and be ready to provide information about that horse. I do not require the horse to be registered, but I still ask to see the horse.

    • I ask that you send a photo of the intended breeding horse and links to offspring/coat you have made yourself because it is a highly important part of the application. I like to think my stables are known for quality conformation and coats. If you do not have the demonstrated skill your application will not be accepted. This may seem harsh and I apologize, but opening a service like this takes a lot of trust on my part. If I cannot trust the high quality to continue, I am uncomfortable having my lines in the offspring.

    • You will be asked if you require the file of my horse. Some members do not require the file as they do not use EA breeding anymore. I completely understand that. In fact, not asking for the file will allow for a faster transaction. I am still willing to send you the file if you request it, but please be patient if so. And please keep in mind the file is unlikely to be updated with latest detail markings and/or sliders.

    • If you choose to use the file, you are agreeing to remove my horse’s file from your game once complete. Some horses cannot be sent to members out of respect for the breeder and/or marking maker. If a horse that has private markings is sent to a breeder, the markings will not be sent. No exceptions. As a general rule, I will not search for missing markings on a horse that is used for breeding. I do not consider this critical to the resulting offspring.

    • Please see rules for details on payment and approval of application.

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    Currently Closed


    Currently Closed

  • With the advent of a new forum, all breeding slots have been reset.

  • Slightly belated announcement, but I have decided to take many horses off this list. Apologies, but I realized it was important to me to rethink their availability in regards to future plans. If you had sent in an application for a horse that is no longer available and have not heard from me, again please forgive me, but they will not be approved.

    There are still, however, many horses on this list :heart:

  • I am closing this service for the current time because of lack of motivation to continue its upkeep. It may reopen; however, I cannot predict when that may be at this moment. I may still answer ads or requests, but an open catalog of my horses will close.

    Thank you to everyone who had an interest in my horses.

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