[Ended] Cozy Stable Auction

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    Welcome to my stable auction! ♥

    I've build this stable for the Builder's Workshop over at Equus-Sims. It took a lot of time to build and decorate it and it's just too lovely to let it rest in my game. I can't use it on my own so I've decided to auction it off! I hope that someone will have some pleaseure with it.


    ❥ Please don't put it up for mass download or share it with other persons. It should stay unique.
    ❥ You are welcome to change anything you want. You paid for it so it is yours!
    ❥ Please give credit where credit is due. It's still my creation, even if you change it to something completely else.
    ❥ This stable is fully decorated and landscaped. It is very CC heavy! So please bid only if you are aware of the fact that some things might be
    missing. Of course I will try my best to help you find missing things! (:
    ❥ If you prefer to buy this stable without decoration I'm also willed to remove everything before I send it to you!
    ❥ Will come as a library file.
    ❥ Some trees on the outside might be diffenrent due the fact that I've build this stable originally at St. Greer Islands and this world is using
    recolors of EA trees. I've replaced all of them for this auction.
    ❥ No refunds!
    ❥ Please use it for whatever purpose and have fun with it!


    ❥ 64x64 lot
    ❥ 5 stalls, one stall is build specifically for a pony but you can change that of course.
    ❥ All stalls have their own small paddock
    ❥ One washing stall
    ❥ A very cozy living/tack/feed space
    ❥ A small riding arena


    -> More Pictures (incl. aerial view) <-

    • This auction will end on Sept. 19th at 11:59 PM CET. It will turn into a 24-hour-ALB-auction if there are bids placed on that day•

    Starting bid: $15,000
    Minimum increase: $1,000
    No max increase. Auto-buy may considered via DM as long there are no bids.

  • Which Expansion ans Accesoirs Packs have sou used?

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    SB please!

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    @Jase-Sunshine said in [Ends 09/19 - 24h ALB] Cozy Stable Auction:

    Which Expansion ans Accesoirs Packs have sou used?

    Most of the things I've used is user-made CC.
    I can spot three things which are from an add-on:

    • The lamps outside (World Adventures)
    • Some of the trees (World Adventures)
    • The wall around the muckheap (University Life)

    The trees and lamps can be easily replaced with something similar.
    The wall could be replaced with luna's recolor of it (since her downloads are not available anymore I would send the file with the lot).
    This also applies to every other missing piece of CC. I will definitely help to find it and since I'm very organised with my CC it shouldn't be a problem at all to get this stable to you as shown at the pictures.

  • Fioooraaa, this barn is killing me! Must.. resist.... nope! $20,000 :D

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    Hahaha, I'm glad you like it! :smiley:

    All accepted so far!

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    Congrats @Heather-Tann, you've won that auction! :smile:
    I will DM you later! :smiley:

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