[ENDED] Arabian Auction - One more horse added!

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    Welcome to Geneva Parks Arabian Auction. Simce we sadly ended our Arabian Program to focus on Freiberger Horses, we have three amazing Straight Egyptian Arabians for sale.

    Pororoca UD
    Roca is a 7 years old chestnut minimal sabino SEA mare who is registered in Eventing and Dressage. She currently has 11 points in Eventing. Due to lack of time and trainers, her career hasn't progressed much yet, but she is still young, and a very calm mare who is full of potential.
    Starting Bid $10,000.

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    Sortis AW
    Sortis is a 10 years old SEA stallion and with his stunning black coat a real eyecatcher. He is already very experienced when it comes to show and has been quite successful. He used to compete in Halter and reached a total of 92 points in this discipline, until we retired him, Now he competes in Endurance and Dressage. He is a regional Endurance champion with 69 points and is only missing two points to his local Dressage champion title.
    Starting Bid $17,000.

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    Hasna Malakeh GV
    Mala is a very special horse as she was the very first horse we owned on Equus. She is an 8 years old chestnut SEA mare who competes in Reining and Western Trail. She is a local Reining champion with 35 points and regional Western Trail champion with 71 points. Her confo and coat has been updated as you can see on the pictures, so her main site profile picture is outdated.
    Starting Bid $15,000.

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  • SB for both! ❤️

  • Bid Accepted <3

  • $22,000 on Sortis ❤

  • Bid accepted <3

  • Congratulations, @Charlie-Smith , you won Pororoca UD, please send the money and contact me on slack, so that I can send her file :blush:

  • Congratulations, @Bella-Wolf , you won Sortis AW, please send the money and contact me on slack, so that I can send his file :blush:

  • Missed the black so SB on Hasna Malakeh GV

  • Bid accepted :)

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