Sycamore Stud's Blog [12/9] Portrait

  • Great shots! I always love to see some casual everyday pictures :heart:

  • Great pictures and I enjoyed the stories too.

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    @Annalena-Voigt thank you so much! I really love seeing candid, casual pictures too.
    @Katharina-Opalhaven thank you, I appreciate it!

    Chilly Weather

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    It's beginning to get chilly on the farm. We haven't clipped the horses quite yet so we haven't had to dust off the blankets (we look forward to how they will be shredded this year), but you can definitely feel the brisk air and chilly wind. No snow yet! :snowman2: Anyways, here is Elephant and his rider Savannah, who is wondering why she forgot her gloves at home.

  • Take good care of your horses! I will come and steal them all 😈(joke ❤️) They are sooo pretty😍 I couldn't decide which the prettyest is

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    @Anna-Winters lol thank you! I also have a hard time picking favorites. :heart_eyes_cat:

    Santa Has Come

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    Snow isn't even due to hit SC until this Saturday but Santa came early this year in the form of @Nathalie-Jensen! She gave us this sweet Arab cross mare that is loving the attention she is getting on the farm. Sorry for the quick edit, really wanted to see her in game and also have an excuse to not study for my finals anymore. ;)

  • Love to see such a unique post on here, your mare looks so sweet!

  • @Rena-Cort thank you! the usual pictures of pasture ponies or working ponies can be boring sometimes. ;)

  • Santa's Reindeer

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    Whipped this up for the Glöggrun show over on ES. Might have gotten too into editing? But it's fine. It's cute anyways. The horse is our always lovely and incredibly tolerant mare Image Perfect of Winmallee, ridden by overly creative Clementine.

  • This is so cute and so so well edited :heart:

  • @Annalena-Voigt thank you so much, that is super kind. :)


    alt text


    Decided to try my hand at a black room portrait. I will definitely need more practice, but I don't think it's terrible. :) Here is our lovely mare Anticipation, who can never just look nice for the camera.

  • Cool marking :D and the Santa rider is awesome :D

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