Sycamore Stud's Blog [3/07] Baby's First Show

  • i'll make this prettier eventually

  • Dumbo Never Skips Leg Day

    0_1505402109558_Screenshot-1424 large.png
    This is SY Elephant, better known as Dumbo around the barn (his ears are much bigger than what is looks like here). He is a 6 year old OTTB gelding, who really never made it big on the track. He was raced about three times in total, and finished last every time. He's more of a 'we'll make it there eventually' kinda guy; he makes for a great hunter, however, and we hope he'll do great things out in that ring. Here he is with his rider, Savannah West, working on their counter canter.

    (I'm basically just going to be copying and pasting my images from my Equus-Sims album for now. :) )

  • Wow, beautiful horse and AWESOME edit <3

  • Those reins :drooling_face: :drooling_face: And that edit is amazing, I love your hair :heart_decoration:

  • @Sarah-Fischer thank you so much!!
    @Luke-Teth thank you!! :heartpulse:

    Show Entries

    I'm still just moving some photos over since I have nothing new at the moment. I hope you enjoy. :)

    0_1505502097775_Screenshot-1479 copy.png
    (unedited) SY Elephant and rider Savannah West at Texas Rose

    0_1505502155616_Screenshot-1444 large.png
    (unedited) CA Anticipation and rider Peyton Dunder at the Yeatman Classic -- they placed 3rd!

    0_1505502221734_Screenshot-1538 copy.png
    (unedited) SY Elephant and Jackie Daley at Spring Hill Stable's Halter Show -- you'll have to excuse that lead rope, I got lazy :cold_sweat:

  • beautiful pic of show

  • @Nina-Ricchi thank you! :)

    New Arrival

    0_1505526041445_Screenshot-1625 large.png

    This is DPPR Nebula, aka the love of my life, who I bought from @Luke-Teth. She is a beautiful blood bay dutch warmblood mare with lots of growing up to do still. She just turned three, so we are working on basic stuff -- getting used to the saddle and rider, some light flatwork a few times a work. We will start actually working with her when she turns four, but we want to let this baby be a baby for a little while still. :slight_smile:

  • Nebula looks so beautiful in your game :hugging: I'm so happy you love her!

  • Competition Committee

    How have I missed this one?! You have such beautiful pictures, and I love Elephant's unique little shoulder dots. Very cute :)

  • Ponies and Friends

    Nothing like needing to start one of many midterm papers to make you wanna jump back into the ol' sims game to revive your stable. College is crazy. :)
    Here are some shots of our staff that I took because... I actually made specific sims instead of just editing the one sim on the lot over and over to make it look like different people lol.

    alt text
    DPPR Nebula and her rider, Jackie Daley.

    alt text
    CA Anticipation and her rider, Peyton Dunder.

    alt text
    SY Elephant and his rider, Savannah West.

    Currently without my drawing tablet so they're not the best pictures but anything to procrastinate, right? ;)

  • CE Afacan

    alt text

    alt text

    My favorite stallion of all time, who I have had since 2013! He was a gift from my best friend @Maggie-York and I still can't see myself on Equus without this boy with me. He recently just got his very own custom marking so he is looking extra handsome.

    For funsies, here are some of the first pictures I had of him:

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    Proof anyone can get better at editing. ;)

  • god im ugly crying cause you are the sweetest ily bb :heart_eyes_cat:

  • Oh those starting photos xD Not as bad as I always expect these 2013 photos to be hahah :D He's a good lookin' fella!

  • @Maggie-York ilysm bb
    @Lidija-Rotherford ah, I didn't include some of the worst ones that I unfortunately found after I posted that. :( lol

    Working Ponies

    I am mostly active on ES so here are a few show entries I've submitted recently.

    alt text

    alt text

    Two show entries for my oh so lovely ass mare, CA Anticipation. The first one was supposed to be mostly unedited and then... you know... you edit an eyeball and then throw in a few stray hairs.... and then suddenly you entered editing class.

    alt text

    My polar opposite mare, the sweetest girl, DPPR Nebula. I do wish I had chosen a better angle for this entry because you don't see enough of her beautiful self.

    alt text

    And, finally, my idiot gelding: Elephant. Doing kinda okay in his hunter class, but luckily he's real cute so I'm sure the judges will look past it. :)

  • Hollow's Lyrata

    alt text

    Here's my lovely new mare I won in auction (from @Blake-Bellanaris) a few days ago. She's a spunky grade mare with some big names in her lineage, but we mostly bid because we knew she would make a wonderful addition to our showing team. We haven't yet assigned her a rider (everyone is fighting for that spot), so she is having fun testing all of our competitors. :)

  • I did NOT think she'll have my lines in there! Wow!

  • assign me as her rider pls pls pls

  • Oh no she's so pretty. You better show her off a lot! :heart_eyes:

  • Administrators

    She looks so good! I'm excited to see her future with you!

  • She's absolutely stunning! And for as far as they are visible, your facilities are stunning too! <3

  • I love your pictures so much omg can I take CE Afacan home?

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