[URGENT] PCRA horses looking for temporary homes!

  • Due to Leaving Certificate coming up in June 2018 and what follows, lots of study and part-time job, I don't have time anymore for my Sims horses. I don't want them to be there and do nothing, so I thought that maybe some of you from our wide and amazing community would be willing to temporarily take care of them!

    Standard leasing rules apply. No changing of conformation, coat colour, main/tail colour etc. If you are missing any markings, please replace them with similar ones, as I don't have time to be looking for them. Stallions may be used for studs, but mares cannot be bred during lease. If you want to include the horse in your breeding service during the lease, please let me know to find out its stud fee. Horses have to participate in all R shows during the lease. They don't have to be entered in their highest level, as long as they gain points and stay active, I'm happy. Please DO NOT change the discipline/show name. If there are issues with the disciplines or names, please let me know and I will go ahead to fix them. Include the word banana in your application to show that you read the rules. Do not claim the horse as your own. Blog updates are not necessary, but I'm happy to see my horses doing well in their leasing homes. If you decide to post a photo of my horse on your blog during the lease, make sure to tag me, so I will be able to see it. Default time of the lease is 4 months, but this can be extended or shorted. WARNING! Not all horses have their files available.

    Keep track of horse's points, titles, levels and entry fees you paid for the horse. At the of the lease I will need you to let me know how many points horse gained during the lease, what title the horse had at the start of the lease and what title it has now and if the horse moved to a higher level. Also I will need you to let me know what is the total amount of money you spent on horse's entry fees. At the end of the lease you will be paid back any entry fees you paid for the horse, extra $10 for each point gained during the lease, extra $100 for each level gained during the lease and extra $1,000 for each title gained during the lease. Also you will have a right to free breeding service from the horse you leased (to be used in 2 weeks time, starting from the ending day of the lease).

    To apply simply send me a private message containing horse's name, for how long you'd like to lease it for, why did you pick that particular horse, if you'd like to have horse's file and if yes, provide me your email address. I will try to check the forum to see if there are any applications everyday or every second day. If I won't get back to you in three days time, please send me an email containing all the above info (price.riding.academy@gmail.com).

  • Sent you a pm :slight_smile:

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