Swedish warmblood auction- ends 30.September alb

  • Welcome to the von Hohenfeld stud, since we now mainly breed Trakehner and Welsh B Ponys, we are putting up some older horses up for auction

    Larsa is a 7 year old Swedish Warmblood mare, who will do anything for carrots. She proved to be a clever mare at a young age, which is willing to learn and willing to please her rider. This flaxen chestnut mare excels in Show Jumping and Eventing.
    Starting Bid $5,000

    alt text
    alt text

    This 6 year old buckskin stud will fit perfectly to an ambitious but advanced rider, since Sabotage has a lot of energy! A swedish warmblood that loves nothing more than jumping and racing across large meadows.
    Starting Bid $7,500
    alt text
    alt text

    Narnia was born to perform. The 7 year old swedish warmblood mare morphs into a little dancer as soon as she enters the Dressage arena. Furthermore she has a stunning chestnut coat. Don't miss on that fierce lady!
    Starting Bid $5,000
    alt text
    alt text


    No mass downloading or uploading/ using as templates.
    Please don't alter conformation or coat without my permission. (you can add shine markings though)
    Please use similar markings if you are missing some. ( It is almost impossible for me to find the file of the exact marking to send to you).
    Tell me before selling the horse. I might want to buy it back.
    Please only active homes
    Minimum increase $1000
    Auto buy offers considered

    ***Please excuse the unedited pictures! I currently have absolutely ZERO time for editing! Please let me know if you want to se more Pics :dark_sunglasses: ***

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