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    I'm back! I am currently working on updating coats and photos for all my horses main site profiles as well as creating some new foundation horses!

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  • Irish Adventures

    Miranda exhaled as she sat down on the plane. It was the first time she felt she could relax in days. She had just spent four days running around different farms in Ireland searching for horses.
    One of her clients, Darcy Tate, had basically paid for the entire trip, so that she could find her next dressage partner.
    After sitting on countless horses, Miranda and Darcy were exhausted as they reached the final farm of the night, Briar Hill Stud. Miranda had been in contact with the owners, Giselle and Aedan Murphy, and they had a wonderful young chestnut mare that was for sale. Miranda knew within the first few minutes that this mare would be a great fit for Darcy.

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    Darcy hopped on the "Flora" to test her out too.

    As Darcy was riding around there was a large commotion at the barn. Miranda couldn't believe her eyes. One of the most handsome horses she had ever seen was basically dragging his poor groom down to the paddock. As soon as the stallion was loose he took off, bucking and rearing, just being a complete show off. Luckily the mare Darcy was on paid no attention to the beast running about.
    Miranda had to ask the owner about that one.

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    After Flora was cooled out and put away, some negotiations were made. Darcy generously agreed to go in with Miranda on the stallion to Miranda's surprise. She never guessed that they'd come home with two horses. Connor was going to kill her for bringing home another horse. But she was so lucky to have Darcy to sponsor her on this exciting new journey, with a sassy dark stallion, who the affectionately called "Solo".

    So Volte Farms would like to welcome our new Irish Draught pair BRHS Solitare and BRHS Floramira!

    Volte Farms is also proud to announce its sister stable: Briar Hill Stud! Briar Hill is located in Ireland and they breed Irish Draughts and Irish Sport Horses! Briar Hill is owned and operated by Giselle and Aedan Murphy. Miranda and Connor are thrilled with this new adventure!

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  • Those are some adorable irish draughts! :heart: :four_leaf_clover:

  • Yesss, another ID and ISH breeder! Sooooo happy!

  • @Clementine-Laake & @Neeve-Kalford & @Luke-Teth Thank you!

    @Lidija-Rotherford I was inspired by your lovely templates! :heart:

  • Lovely Horses ! Please moooore ! <3

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    @Jade-Nguyen Thanks! I appreciate it!

    Volte Farms would like to welcome some new faces to our dressage program!
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    SBS Myra is a 12 yr old Dutch Warmblood stallion who is owned and ridden by Hannah Williams. Hannah will be our new working student at VF! This lovely pair is currently schooling Third Level dressage.

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    WSLW Just Dance is an 8 yr old Dutch Warmblood stallion who is currently showing at Prix St. George!

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    And our last wonderful newcomer is Ridskolan's Princess Ally! "Ally" is a 5 yr old American Warmblood mare who is schooling First Level! Hannah will be taking over the training of Ally as part of her working student program. We look forward to this young mares bright future!

    I just want to thank @Charlie-Smith for these amazing horses! I can't wait to see how they grow in dressage!

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  • Got a few from Charlie myself :laughing: Enjoy them, they look fab!

  • Stunning horses! Love Myra <3

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    Our newest inseparable pair SEE Distance (chestnut) & MR Dragonfly Love (bay). These lovely ladies are half sisters and both out of SEE Dampfross. SEE Distance "Dyna" will focus on dressage, while Connor will be training MR Dragonfly "Fly" in dressage and show jumping, like her father.
    Both were designed by @Darya-Macarova :heart_eyes:

    Val & Flirt-done
    Volte would like to introduce VLT Flaireon (Jägerbär x Oleandre's Vallanta)! "Flirt" is a beautiful little filly who will end up graying out like her mother. Vallanta was transported to Briar Hill before foaling, and Flirt will eventually be in training with Giselle! We look forward to her dressage career!

    Indiana Art
    KPE Indiana Art is a lovely KWPN mare that is currently competing at Intermediare II. We are very excited to partner this amazing mare with our very own Alexa Christopher!
    A special thanks to @Neeve-Kalford for this wonderful mare!

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    AWE Kinsey is a wonderful OTTB purchased from @Serenity-Gwin . Kinsey did not show much promise at the track as she was just too slow. Connor will be re-training her in dressage and show jumping. She had a nice layoff to just be a horse and has been slowly restarted.
    alt text
    Heres a fun little edit of her! I'm thinking of doing more portraits in this sort of style :P

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    Kinsey is a stunning mare! Her coat looks amazing :heart_eyes: And Flirt! Such an adorable nickname and such a cute face <3

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