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  • That's a one good looking horse!

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    @Ian-Salvatore & @Nadia-Kilian - Thank you! I am really happy how his markings and coat turned out!

    alt text
    Lena is a wonderful Dutch Warmblood mare that returns to us after being away for a while. (have I mentioned I have a thing for greys :see_no_evil: ) Lena currently holds 93 points in Dressage and 5 points in Eventing.

    My first photo from my new computer! I am much happier with the details but still cant seem to get Reshade to work :sweat:

  • Just now seeing the post you tagged me on :frowning2: sorry

    Very lovely can't wait to see more of your horses too

  • alt text

    alt text

  • awww how cute! can't wait to see them grow up :smile:

  • alt text

    alt text

  • The photo of Hererro is stunning and the foals are so cutest :heart_eyes:

  • The early bird catches the worm
    alt text
    Another new addition to VF is the beautiful Nettle S, from @Jasmine-Wilkinson! Nettie is enjoying some morning turnout before the heat of the day.

  • That is one stunning shot, Miranda. I love the angle, the horse and the lighting... the sky is definitely the cherry on the top. You should edit all of my photos :two_hearts:

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