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  • That's a one good looking horse!

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    @Ian-Salvatore & @Nadia-Kilian - Thank you! I am really happy how his markings and coat turned out!

    alt text
    Lena is a wonderful Dutch Warmblood mare that returns to us after being away for a while. (have I mentioned I have a thing for greys :see_no_evil: ) Lena currently holds 93 points in Dressage and 5 points in Eventing.

    My first photo from my new computer! I am much happier with the details but still cant seem to get Reshade to work :sweat:

  • Just now seeing the post you tagged me on :frowning2: sorry

    Very lovely can't wait to see more of your horses too

  • alt text

    alt text

  • awww how cute! can't wait to see them grow up :smile:

  • alt text

    alt text

  • The photo of Hererro is stunning and the foals are so cutest :heart_eyes:

  • The early bird catches the worm
    alt text
    Another new addition to VF is the beautiful Nettle S, from @Jasmine-Wilkinson! Nettie is enjoying some morning turnout before the heat of the day.

  • That is one stunning shot, Miranda. I love the angle, the horse and the lighting... the sky is definitely the cherry on the top. You should edit all of my photos :two_hearts:

  • alt text
    First of our two newcomers are Baugy S (palomino tobiano) & Krem S (grey tobiano). The girls were ready to greet the pair as they stepped off the trailer. Baugy belongs to one of our riders, Mallory Austin and Darcy Tate is the new owner of Krem. Both horses will compete in dressage and eventing.

    alt text
    Our next newcomer is another import from @Jasmine-Wilkinson . Montender S is a stunning Trakehner mare who will compete in dressage and eventing hopefully. She is still young so we are giving her some time to settle in before starting her undersaddle.

    Clearly I have a thing for @Jasmine-Wilkinson 's horses :see_no_evil: They are just so perfect! I am trying to introduce more of our newcomers as there have been quite a few lately.

  • Ah, seems like you've collected yourself the perfect set of beautiful tobianos! :smile:

  • Just took a long look into your scrappy and damn I love your pictures :o Keep up the great work :D
    Love Montender's Tobi Marking...he looks way too god omg <3 activates stalker mode

  • Gorgeous new additions! :heart_eyes:
    Especially Krem is so stunning! I love her unique grey coat. Baugy is also a gorgeous palomino (makes me miss my pixels even more, sadly my laptop is broken).
    And Montender! fangirling she looks so athletic and mature already!

  • Montender S!!! What a beauty!

  • You make them all look so beautiful in your game! Montender looks like she’s already ready for picture taking and the other two look so calm and loving their new home :heart:

    I enjoy on seeing how they go with you and see them strive in what looks like the best home they could all have :heart_decoration:

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