$600 Donation Goal Met! Grand Finale!

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    You :clap_tone3: guys :clap_tone3: are :clap_tone3: amazing :clap_tone3: :clap_tone3: :clap_tone3:

  • I can't even find words to describe how all over the moon I'm now with this pack especially LG set and the gooooorgeous bridles..! <3 <3 Elin did it again! and massive thanks to Luke too that also have made such great gifts for this donation :D

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    Everything for this donation drive has been absolutely spectacular and I'm so ecstatic to have such amazing creations to utilize for my horses and stables!

    @Elin-Fredriksdotter and @Luke-Teth ~ you two are incredible and I can only say thank you so much for the amazing creations that you two work so hard to create and then so willingly share with all of us <3

  • I can't even thank you enough, so just... thank you. Equus team – thank you for using your time to keep this community running. @Elin-Fredriksdotter & @Luke-Teth – you are both so talented making cc that I can't even handle! Thank you so much for making it for everyone to enjoy. Love you <3

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    It was my pleasure, Equus :kissing_heart: :kissing_heart:

    I'm so insanely proud of how the community rallied around our goal! And of course insanely pleased as well to see your reactions to our goodies :hugging: I hope to see you all using them non-stop :joy: :heart:

  • These are seriously so amazing i have no words! You are both so insanely talented thankyou for sharing these with us. I have all the Lauria Garrelli Champagne sets in real life for my horses and i can believe how realistic these look! Thankyou x 1000 for creating these for us all! So proud of this community we should all be so proud of ourselves! Really shows how much we all value Equus! <3

  • Woo!! Thanks so much for the goodies!

    Question, in the example pictures of the bridles, are the lashes and the forelocks edited in or are they cc? They're so uniform in each picture I can't tell!

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    @Paige-Johnson The eyelashes and the blue eyes are edited but the mane is a WIP of mine :blush:

  • OMG! loving these sm! just finished making half my horses, looks like im going back ;)

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