$300 Donation Goal Met! New Manes and Tails

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    Luke Teth has donated a new mane with both a left and right version, and four new tails for our pixel ponies! :unicorn: The tails are curly, frosted, plain, and plain with extra shine. Thank you so much Luke, these are gorgeous.


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    Thanks to everyone that has donated so far! Let's get to $400! :arrow_right: Donate

  • Oooohhh beautiful thanks Luke <3

  • Luke, these are gorgeous! Thank you so much! <3

  • Cannot wait to try these out, thanks so much @Luke-Teth

  • Thank you so much Luke!!

  • PR Committee

    :heart: :heart:

    Thank you guys so much! I was happy to give them to such a good cause and I'm more than excited to see them running around! :kissing_heart:

    It's been made aware to me that the frosted tail was having some... Issues. For some reason, even my own package of the tail decided to eat some of the textures and it just ceased to function :sweat: I fixed it though, and you can grabbed the fixed version of the frosted tail here.

  • Updated the main post download link to a new one with the fixed version of the frosted tail. Download away!

  • YEEEEESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Been wanting those for ages thanks LUKE!

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