$500 Donation Goal Met! Horse Makeover Kit!

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    Grooming Set

    This grooming set includes 31, you read that right, THIRTY ONE, new meshes from Elin Fredriksdotter. Everything has "clean and new" and "dirty and used" presets, and the spray bottles come with hanging versions. :scream: (Elin thinks of everything!). Each are recolorable except for labels and dirt, and are found under horses, misc deco, and misc pets.


    Disclaimer: All custom content is added to your game at your own risk. Neither Equus nor the creator of this custom content may be held responsible for the outcome.

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    Three New Sliders!

    Elin has also blessed us with three new horse sliders: a pastern length slider, a crested neck slider, and a head counter slider.

    Take a look at these before and after shots:
    Pastern Slider
    Neck Slider
    Slider Comparison

    Download Pastern Slider

    Download Neck Slider (and head counter)

    Disclaimer: The pastern slider CAN make the horse float. It sometimes corrects itself when the horse is posed but not always so that's something to be aware of. As is probably expected, the neck slider can distort poses and manes. All custom content is added to your game at your own risk. Neither Equus nor the creator of this custom content may be held responsible for the outcome.

    Thanks to everyone that has donated so far! You guys are amazing! We're only $100 away from our grand finale! :arrow_right: Donate

  • An massive thank you @Elin-Fredriksdotter for those all amaaazing clutter and for those sliders, you're the best! <3

  • Development Committee

    Elin is doing it AGAIN! :heart_eyes:

  • Absolutely beautiful, as always! Thank you @Elin-Fredriksdotter

  • Woo, more clutter! And dirty variations :heart_eyes: This is perfect! Amazing work as always Elin <3

  • These are bloody amazing <3 Thanks you so much

  • Administrators

    Elin, you've outdone yourself. These are incredible. Thank you for spending so much time and talent to help support our community :heart: :heart:

  • Thank you so much Elin!! I am going to have a fabulous time decorating my new wash stalls 😄

  • So many templates will be updated

    EDIT: I also want to add in,


  • Elin this is absolutely amazing! And also, <3 idomin and helosan <3 You think of everything don't you :astonished:

  • Elin, I love you.

  • thank you <3

  • Yesssssssssss I love this set so much! Just look at the amount of stuff and presets and omg, all the different spraybottles! * __ * I was waiting for something like this for a long time already. You've outdone yourself with all the CC Elin, thank you sooo much!! <3 Can't wait to update my horses with the new sliders. :-*

  • Helosan & Idomin, standard stuff right there :100: :smile:

    Thank you Elin for your amazing gifts! And thank you Equus team for keeping the site running! :heart:

  • OMG, thank you so much Elin for such amazing gifts :heart

  • Competition Committee

    Thanks Elin for these amazing things! <3 I can't wait to decorate my place with this stuff :heart_eyes:

  • Rly cant wait to try out the pasture sliders.... anybody know what breeds have shorter pasterns?

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    Ohhhh my Elin! Thank you so much, those bottles are adorable and the sliders can't wait to give my pixels a makeover !!!! <3 <3

  • Elin! You are a genius and I love you! Seriously, the clutter possibilities! :D <3

  • Competition Committee

    @Elin-Fredriksdotter Just gearing up to update my stables and re-decorate, so this is an amazing set for this endeavor! And new sliders - YES!!! Thank you again for sharing all of your amazing creations :blush:

  • @Breanna-Fahnestock Any breed should look more close to RL with shorter pasterns since they are way too long by default :S

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