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  • Welcome To the Wolfsbane Estates Blog on Equus

    Wolfsbane Estates is located at the introspectively city of Delamere in Great Britain and consecrates oneself fully to the breeding of Cleveland Bays, Shire Horses and Thoroughbreds.
    With lots of love and patience Alexander Wolfsbane started years ago with building of the stud farm that he administrated for years, till his Granddaughter Annabelle Wolfsbane came into her heritance and continued for him.
    The breeding is focused on creating a calm, friendly and obedient partner for sports and casual riders, so that all interests are represented and a horse for everyone can be found. Our Shires are bred for Combined Driving, Show and Dressage, while our Thoroughbreds and Cleveland Bays are bred for Eventing Sports.
    With this goal the family Wolfsbane was successful many years ago and they will stick to that goal in the future


  • I'm happy to see you here! :D Can't wait for your first pictures you're posting here. What I want to say is welcome to equus community :heart:

  • Hey and Thanks for the warm welcome :)
    I think I will just start with some older pictures of our many Draft Horses

    alt text
    (From L, to R.) Wolfsbanes Checkpoint Charlie, Wolfsbanes Sir Henry, Wolfsbanes Sheffield, Wolfsbanes Commander and Wolfsbanes EHS Meteor. In the front right next to me you can see our only Clydesdale Stallion TJS Atlas

    I have to admit that Wolfsbanes Sir Henry is one of my favorites <3 So here are some more pictures :)
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

    Next I wanted to show some pictures of our other draft horses. Here you see our North Swedish Draft Stallion Wolfsbanes Enrico. He is new to our stable as we just started our breeding programme with this horses :)

    alt text

  • I love all of them! :heart:

    My favorite. <3

  • Welcome Annabelle! I love your editing style! Your horses really pop. :ok_hand:

  • PR Committee


  • Thanks for all your comments <3 I really appreciate it!

    Next are some pictures of our newest horse Enrico. He is a North Swedish Draft Stallion and currently he is first of our new breeding programme!



  • So many beautiful dapples. :heart:

  • wowza :heart_eyes:

  • Besides Shire Horses we also compete and breed Thoroughbreds for Eventing :)

    Here is one of our Thoroughbred stallions named NMR Callejon and his trainer on an autumn hack <3

  • yaaaay drafts!

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