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    1. Traditional breedings must retain our prefix (Rosewood's) and be registered with my creator ID #9711. BIY foals are not required to have our prefix, but it is optional should you chose to use it.
    2. Files will NOT be sent should you choose to use BIY. This is to prevent anyone from using the stud's conformation or keeping the file after the breeding is complete. If you want the stud's conformation to be a factor in the breeding, it will have to be a traditional breeding where you send the file.
    3. I reserve a right to deny a request with no explanation. This may be done because a mare does not meet our minimal criteria, the applicant has previously disregarded our rules, or any number of reasons.
    4. Payment must be sent before the breeding is done. It will not be accepted until it has been approved (BIY) or until I have completed the breeding (Traditional).
    5. Activity: I have very minimal activity rules. I only ask that the horse's registration is sent in within a month of the breeding being completed, and that the horse is regularly competed in at least Randomized shows. All horses MUST be registered and remain active in some way on Equus Community, as I do not visit Equus-Sims enough to monitor activity.
    6. If you choose to sell or lease the horse, contact me first. I may want the horse back, and if so I will buy it back for half of the breeding fee. Rosewood has a free 2-month leasing service for all horses originating from our stable where we pay entry fees and keep winnings. Any longer than that and we will ask for some form of payment.
    7. Realistic genetics must be used and be cleared with me.
    8. I am open to ALL MARES for all stallions, but the mare must be registered.

    (you make the horse)
    1. Activity will not be monitored as heavily with this method.
    2. Custom Markings are available for en extra $5,000 (simple) or $10,000 (pattern). They are not to be placed for public download and can only be shared with buyers or leasers of the horse and may only be used on the horse they were made for.
    3. As stated previously, files will NOT be sent with this method.
    4. You must clear the coat color and genetics with me before creating the horse. I will only be checking if it is possible, not preventing certain colors from being made unless a particular stud is producing a large number of horses of the same color.

    (i make the horse)
    1. This can be done in two ways. You can send me the mare's file, or side-on unposed, well lighted shots of the mare. The latter option will cost extra due to more time being put into creating the horse.
    2. Custom markings come free with this option, the rules above apply.
    3. You may request a certian color or pattern, but otherwise it will be random given the options of both parents.

    Name Breed Color Genotype Sire x Dam Discipline(s) Titles Price
    WHEC Othello Trakehner Gray Ee/aa/Gg Foundation Eventing Eventing State Champ (147) $10,000 BIY / $15,000 Tradtional

    Name Breed Color Genotype Sire x Dam Discipline(s) Titles Price
    SiLS Calm Cascade Gypsy Vanner Palomino Sabino ee/Aa/nCr/nW WBS The Calm Before the Storm x DRS Golden Cascade Dressage Dressage State Champ (103) $10,000 BIY

    Name Breed Color Genotype Sire x Dam Discipline(s) Titles Price
    Rennington Isle Friesian Chestnut ee/aa Foundation Dressage Dressage International Champ (202) $20,000 BIY / $25,000 Tradtional

  • oh man, wish I had a gypsy vanner mare for cinnabar's forrest fire. he's beautiful!

    good luck!!

  • Development Committee

    @Angeles-Dunn said in [WIP] ROSEWOOD CENTER || BIY & Traditional:

    oh man, wish I had a gypsy vanner mare for cinnabar's forrest fire. he's beautiful!

    good luck!!

    Same! :smile:

  • PR Committee

    @Fiora-Healy and @Angeles-Dunn I'll happily let you guys use one of my mares if you're really interested! I'm also very much open to crosses if you'd like to go that route!

  • Dang, I need to use your gypsy stuf! Would you allow BIY?

  • PR Committee

    This is officially open! More horses will be added soon, but I'm now open to applications.

    Please DM me on SLACK ONLY with the following information:

    Stallion Name
    Mare Name
    Mare Genotype
    BIY or Traditional

    and I will follow up with you.

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