[SOLD] Swedish Riding Pony Gelding with breeding straws

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    ❥ Horse may not be listed for mass download.
    ❥ Coat or conformation may not be used at templates for other horses. Conformation may be used as a base for offspring only.
    ❥ You must keep my suffix FN and also the name of the horse. You are allowed to change it's barn name.
    ❥ Shine markings, detail markings (such as eye detail and body shade) and mane/tail styles can be changed. Please don't edit anything on the conformation.
    ❥ You are welcome to breed with the horse, but please keep it realistic. In his case this means he can produce two foals.
    ❥ If you want to sell the horse please contact me first, I will probably buy it back. Don't sell it without letting me know!
    ❥ If you don't want it anymore please send it at least to Reclaimable Horses Acc that I can get it back.
    ❥ Horse should stay active in at least R-Shows!

    alt text

    CAS: 123


    Dream Out Loud FN
    Breed: Swedish Riding Pony
    Gender: Gelding (he has 2 breeding straws)
    Color: Chestnut, ee/Aa
    Discipline: Pony Show Jumping (56 points)
    Bonus Points: +2

    I will only sell him to an active show home, you are welcome to use him for RP here or on Equus-Sims too!
    It's just important for me that he will at least do something.

    If you are interested DM me here or on Slack with your price offer.

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    He's still looking for a new home... :heart:

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    He is gorgeous <3

  • He is such a stunner! :heart_eyes:

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