Parlanti Boots?

  • I have seen quite a few photos with sims in the parlanti boots! Are they available for download somewhere?

    The look like this: link

  • They're probably photoshopped in! If there are parlantis available for download, I totally missed them :speak_no_evil:

  • PR Committee

    Not sure if they are Parlanti boots...but there are some very similar for download on the Russian site, they're by a creator called Shattawolf (I think) and they're much like the boots in your reference :)

  • The boots for download here look similar to those, though I'm not 100% on the brand :P

  • Thank you guys for the replies! I guess I was looking for a boot with a similar top to the Parlantis. Guess I'll just have to photoshop that in! ;)

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