Slack Question: Two general chats?

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    We are considering creating another general chat in our Slack. The existing general-chat channel would be for sims-related topics only. The new general chat (probably called something like general-chat-offtopic) would be for chatting about real life occurrences.

    Enforcement of the proper usage of these channels would be pretty mild. No one is going to get suspended or banned from slack for using the wrong one. It's more of a guideline.

    Is this something you would like to see?

  • My vote is no. General chat, is general chat, if it's EC related or not.

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    No, I think it be a little pointless, while a neat idea, for the most part topics move by fast in the room. but there are periods of long silence and it's easy during those times for people to bring up whatever they need to. dividing the rooms would spread people out more, and possibly cause an adverse effect of longer periods of silence and the sensation that slack might not be that active. but actually is.

  • No I also don't think its a good idea, as I reckon people would use them wrongly all the time then have to be told off by a mod, even I would find it awkward and I am very good at staying in the right channels.

  • Administrators

    I personally would find it nice to have two gen-chats. Gen chat can end up being a circle of friends talking p frequently about a more inside thing so it doesn't always feel open and inclusive. Having the two separate would mean that people would still be able to have those conversations, but conversations about sims stuff which are inherently more open because everyone here has some opinion on sims and could feel like they could actually contribute to the conversation more would feel like they can join in.

    I see Sim general chat being a good introduction to people where they can get to know people better while still being able to relate to the topic easily, eventually people would feel more comfortable to join in on more personal conversations. It'd be a loose guideline, people have had to move conversations a bunch of times before, I think if anything it'd increase people talking in general channels because they won't be jumping into an inside conversation that's been happening for a while.

    It would also keep conversations about sims stuff and real life stuff from happening at once in the same chat which I've seen p frequently which would make it easier to follow each conversation and keep toes from being stepped on.

    Just my two-cents, I know part of why I personally stopped hanging out in gen really was just because I had no clue what people were talking about anymore but everyone else was on the same page. With at least a hundred messages a day, there was no way I could catch up and figure it out.

  • I completely agree with @Blake-Bellanaris! Two Gen Chats with one being Sims related would be a great idea. Most of the time in the Gen Chat we have now, I always seem to not really know what is going on in there. Having a Sims chat would be something everyone could be included in and can relate to. I don't go in Gen Chat now because I never know what everyone is talking about and it also seems like everyone is talking to friends about unrelated things. I almost never feel welcome and most of my input goes unnoticed. I think that a Sims chat would help me be able to relate to others and also hopefully get to know other members better( and maybe finally find a EC friend or two :) )

  • I personally vote no; the current gen chat feels like a ghost town half the time, i'm not sure creating a second would help. Maybe its just me, but I think i'd slip up pretty often and accidentally mention my real life (the horror!) or something like a tv show, or a movie, and I really don't want to be constantly told to move channels, I already feel like I have to police everything I type and this would just make it all the more stressful :laughing: I can't just log in and chatter away, I have to log in and decide what I want to talk about and where is it most appropriate - where do things like tech help and game problems belong? Does anything 'horse' automatically fall under Sims because where are a horse community?. Gen chat seems to be mostly sim talk anyway, most the 'real life' topics I've seen are only super minor stuff like someone mentioning that they have work, or about a game/show/movie they like.. I don't understand peoples problems with talking about you as a real person?. I don't think creating a second chat would suddenly make it more 'open' or stop people from forming their own friendship groups.. it would just be the same I think, but I feel like the 'real-life' one would be used and the 'sim-life' one barely used, or it would chase people away to other platforms such as skype. It feels alltogether like more hassle than it would be a benefit.

  • Nah. it's fine as i's now, topics change very fast and it would divide people even more.

  • @Breanna-Fahnestock said in Slack Question: Two general chats?:

    My vote is no. General chat, is general chat, if it's EC related or not.

    I agree with this!

  • Administrators

    @Eowyn-Vance said in Slack Question: Two general chats?:

    I personally vote no; the current gen chat feels like a ghost town half the time, i'm not sure creating a second would help.

    Full agreement with all that Eowyn said- I can see the appeal and understand the reason behind a second gen, but I think it would cause more problems than it would solve. If people want to talk specifically about their Sims/Equus game we have many channels already set up for specific topics (#arabian-horses, #builders, #cc-finds, to name a few) and I don't see any reason to split gen over it.

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