Coat question

  • What would you call this coat, I'm curious and on the fence if I even want to make this. Would love the help so I know what breed the coat should fall on.
    My guess is a Dapple Grey Tobiano but outside help would be nice :smile:

    alt text

    alt text

  • it's greying out tobiano, impossible to know base color, because grays tend to get hyperpigmenting when greying

  • @Kiha-Kim That's what I thought but the caption said it was a racing Thoroughbred and that wasn't even my search on Google :laughing:

  • Development Committee

    Stock photos aren't always listing the correct breed. That being said, it could be a case of awkward greying, like with Cornet

  • Looks like a grey tobiano, impossible to know base coat, so really you could pick whatever base coat you want :)

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