Sharing IP address

  • My sister wants to play Equus too, but we would share IP. Would it be considered cheating?

  • Nope! It's only considered cheating if 1 person is accessing both accounts and is using them to give themselves money or other resources that should be earned fairly. If it's your sister's account, you ought to be fine, but transactions between your account and hers may be looked at with more scrutiny than normal just to ensure that nothing fishy is happening :slight_smile: I'll make a note of this so that when your sister sends in a registration it won't be held up because of it being flagged for the same IP.

  • we are using 2 different laptops

    I have the same problem my sister created an account and they took her account away from here don't know why but they did she tried to log on but it said her accound dint exixsted

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