[Ended] Stud Auction - Thoroughbred Racehorse

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    | Thoroughbred Stallion | Chestnut (ee/Aa ) | Flat Racing State Champion (148 points) | Give +3 Bonus | Foundation |
    ............................................................ About Lucky
    alt text Brave, with a special taste for tangerines, Lucky is one of those horses that leave you his own footprint. It was my first race horse registered in Equus, and today he is the horse with the most points has got our stable. With ten years, Lucky is waiting to get his last two points for his fourth title. Afterwards, he will be re-trained in Show Jumping and he will compete as long as his age and health allow. Lucky has been selected as a private stallion for our breeding program, so this may be the only opportunity to have a descendant of him out of our stable.
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    R U L E S

    1. You can choose whether it is traditional stud or BIY.
      • In case of being traditional, you must send me the file of the mare. The conformation and color of offspring will conform to the parents. I take care of creating the coat.
      • If you choose BIY, I will not send the stallion file. I can provide photos of him in CAS, if it is your wish.
    2. I would like the chosen mare to be Thoroughbred and to compete in a Flat Racing. However, I have no breed restriction. Remember that Lucky will be retired from the Flat Racing and will start competing in Show Jumping (he may get bonus in that discipline).
    3. Offspring must be registered on the main site and in a 1 discipline (at least). I do not want to set a deadline, but I would really appreciate it if the foal is an active competitor.
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    S T A R T I N G B I D

    • $ 3 000

  • What is the starting bid?

  • @Kayla-Albright SB is $ 3 000

  • SB :grinning:

  • Four hours to finish.

  • Congrats, @Kayla-Albright!!! You have won the auction. Please tell me which breeding option you choose (traditional or BIY).
    I await your message. ;)

  • :) Thanks Irene, sent you a message

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