[Ended] Foundation TB Auction

  • These guys weren't hitting it off on the other forum they were being raffled on. Decided to see if I could make a small profit of selling them off on here.
    The idea is that these guys are OTTBs but since I'm selling them you can decide if you want them to be OTTB or have them race.


    • Do not remove my prefix or add your own prefix.
    • Do not change their registered names, but you can change their barn names.
    • Feel free to use any of my Thoroughbreds(or your thoroughbreds) in their pedigree
    • Do not resell without my permission(If I reclaim you regain 50% of what you paid for the horse.)
    • Horses are not registered on the mainsite.
    • To make sure you read the rules please put in 'brotato' in your first bid.
    • Autobuy is not allowed if the horses have a bid on them.
    • Do not alter the confirmation at all.
    • Do not save the coat to use on a later horse or use it for the base of another horse.
    • Mane and tail style can be changed just not the color.

    Pedigree Bonus
    If you wish to use any of my Thoroughbreds in their pedigree.
    AWE Spinnaker(Chestnut), Flat Racing 2 Pedigree Bonus, Eventing 0 Pedigree Bonus
    AWE Rougarou(Bay Sabino), Show Jumping 2 Pedigree Bonus
    AWE Delirium(Buckskin Min. Sabino), Show Jumping 2 Pedigree Bonus
    Silver's Smitten With Kitten(Bay), Flat Racing 1 Pedigree Bonus, Eventing 1 Pedigree Bonus.

    The starting bid on these 3 is $2,500
    Minimal bid is $1,000
    Maximum bid is $5,000
    Autobuy is $7,000

    Age is for you to decide on now.

    AWE Valravn
    Black Stallion
    alt text

    AWE Up on Utopia
    Grey Mare
    alt text

    AWE Kinsey
    Chestnut Mare

    alt text

  • SB - AWE Kinsey

    brotato :potato:

  • Kisney sold to @Miranda-Gage

    Pm me your email address :)

  • Bumping this up because I'd like them to be sold I have no space at my stable for more horses.

  • PR Committee

    Could I see some unposed confo images from the side?

  • AWE Up on Utopia = SB


  • SB - AWE Valravn

    brotato :smirk:

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Claire-von-Hohenfeld said in [Ends 24h ALB] Foundation TB Auction:

    Up on Utopia 3500 :)

    Up on Utopia has been sold to @Irene-Crownguard it's been 2 days since her bid and the bidding ends 24 hours after the bid was placed so she won the mare, sorry.

    Valravn has been sold to @Charlie-Smith

    Irene and Charlie pm me with your emails.

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