[ENDED] 3rd gen. Eventer with +12p bonus

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    ◊ you may change the barn name
    ◊ you may change the style of mane and tail
    ◊ no mass download
    ◊do not add your own prefix/suffix
    ◊ feel free to update coat and confo
    ◊ do not use this conformation as a template
    ◊ I'm allowed to withdrawn a horse from a sale or auction without explanation

    I don't care about pictures, show entries,breeding, activeness of the horse etc. etc., just play with it like it suits you the best.

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    Norwic d'Auroy
    Mainsite Profile
    Breed: Selle Français
    Gender: Gelding (comes with straws, feel free to breed him)
    Main discipline: Eventing
    Secondary discipline: none
    Generation: 3rd
    Points: currently none

    Pedigree Bonus: +12p Eventing

    alt text

    alt text

    Starting bid: 10,000$
    Min. bid increase: 1,000$
    Max. bid increase: n/a

    Additional picures:

  • Ended due to autobuy offer before the first bid got posted.

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