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    Hello Everyone!
    so I'm opening a shop here. I have been posting most of my things on my service page. for some reason, I didn't think about opening a shop. (truthfully I didn't know where to open one or if I could I kind of thought it all belonged under Services. So here we are then I will move all my posts of content I have made here!

    Things that I make:
    Draft Templates
    Cat Markings

    Yes, Cat markings, and with permission from @Quinn-Monroe below you can get a download of the 3d cat rig and attempt to make markings for your felines all you want. Important information you should know about the cat markings. You have to conscious of the eyes and the nose, they can be covered up by markings. The tail does not show up on the 3D rig, but it is available on the 2d layer. you just have to be very careful and test frequently.

    That said and done, just follow this page as I keep working on newer markings to help us improve our furry felines as well as new templates for various breeds of Drafts!

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    Gypsy Vanner Templates


    I switch between several templates, I've select 4 of the most common I use, but I tweak every one of them and never stick to this exact template. My Vanners are much chunkier and larger than most templates for Vanners that are made, and as such, so will these be. I encourage you to tweak to your preference and hope to see a lot more Vanners running around. If any of you encounter registration problems using these templates conformation wise, please inform me so that I can make adjustments and update the templates. However, I've never encountered trouble with any of my own Vanners.

    Templates are avaliable again. however they have not been updated and will need to be tweaked in the chest area.

    Template Name Template Image Download Link
    Red Vanner Template image Download
    Yellow Vanner Template image Download
    Green Vanner Template image Download
    Blue Vanner Template image Download

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    Clydesdale Template

    New Template. Clydesdales! Something of the drafts we have been needing for awhile as well. I think there is some out there. but now there is one of mine! Modeled by my new Clydesdale Ryoko. You can download it below. Remember as always I encourage you to make tweaks and adujustments to your own prefrences of the breeds. This Clydesdale comes as a all pink hunk of love. I hope to see more of them running around with this. the image below includes all the different poses. CAP, Dressage Free Walk,Heavy Pull Pose, Show Jumping Novie. Unposed. I tried to give all of you a good idea of what it will look like. Know that the Dressage poses I used are the ones for Broque horses. it works better with the drafts because of the silders I use.

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    Most Recently Released Cat markings

    Cat Nose Detail Cat Ears Detail & Recolor Tabby Shaders and Texture
    image image Image
    This Marking is for the nose, However, I'm still making adjustments, so watch for updates. it allows you to be able to recolor the nose and add a shadow detail. This is two markings, one that allows you to recolor the ear and the other that allows you to place details on the ear. The recolor renders weirdly on the cats, and may not show as the color you want, you will have to place make many adjustments. Here we have Tabby Texture and Tabby Shader. There are two versions for Tabby Shader-- One Channel and Two Channel. Important to know, that Tabby Texture is a finicky marking and consider it a trail or beta marking as I try to figure out better ways of rendering the tabbies coat with its agouti hairs all over the place. It shows best at 50% or lower opacity. (which annoys me but I'm trying to figure it out) it's a 4 channel marking.
    Download Ear-Recolor Download - Ear-Detail Download Tabby Shader 1 - Tabby Shader 2 - Tabby Texture

    What to Expect Next

    • Toe Detail - This marking will better define the cat's toes and paws, it's optional marking but for some cats, especially white ones, the paws become kind of solid.
    • Whisker pads - a marking to make the whisker pads already on the EA cats more defined and darker.
    • Tabby Bars and Feet - This will be a marking to make the tabby legs for cats like Ticked Tabby or Tabby Points. As well as some markings to darken the back of the cats feet.
    • Paw Pad Recolor - a marking that will allow you to recolor the paw pads.
    • Spayed or Neutered Tatto for the inner ear
    • Improved Siamese Markings and Shaders
    • Tortie Patch Public Set

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    Update: The Gypsy Templates are available again, however, the chest's need to be tweaked as I have not updated them. Enjoy everyone!

  • I think some Cat Breed templates would be great too ^^

  • Thank you for re-posting these :)

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