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  • **Raos Dressage International Sales**

    Hi Everyone! Thank you for visiting my thread! RDI is a private competition yard which also breed some nice horses. This is my first sale hope it goes ok :)

    • General sale rules apply - No change of name, gender, coat(except grey) or conformation.
    • Payments to be made upfront.
    • Once the horse is sold, you can choose to do what you prefer without asking for my permission.
    • I do prefer to be tagged in all the updates, I might message you if I haven't seen one for more than 4 months.

    How I price a horse:
    Age - 10yr has the maximum base price of 2500, each year between the horse's age and 10 will decrease the price by 100. (e.g 8yo will be 2300)
    Points - Registration for shows will add 200 to the price. Each point the horse has will add 30 to the price. Each title will add 300 to the price. Has EA point +50, if over 100 points +100. ICSS points +25, if over 100 points +£70

    Here are the horses currently for sale:

    RDI Ambric (SOLD)
    A gorgeous Oldenburg Stallion rising 9, Actively competing on ES&EA. He is registered dressage and halter under No. 26173. He has 13 points in dressage competing at training level and 12 points in Halter comepting at local level.
    alt text
    alt text

    RDI Aci Goldleaf (SOLD)
    2yo Oldenburg colt by Acicle Ralleino(24201) and RDI Made Rina, 3rd generation. This buckskin beauty has a very compact conformation with strong bones. He is bred for dressage but who knows what he can do? Can be registered on request.
    alt text

    RDI Made Dribble (SOLD)
    2yo colt by PSSC Made for Loving you (standing at stud) and OLCS Hypnotiser. His dad has definitely passed his conformation on him. Strong 2yo, an exciting future in Dressade/Working Hunter/Showing.
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

    RDI Made Redif (SOLD)
    2yo filly by same sire of Dribble, if not sold I am happy to keep. A very genuine girl who loves everyone. Never mare-ish, never naughty, just like a big lab dog with very nice movements. Will be a great long term projects for someone.
    alt text

    RDI Made Inkblot (SOLD)
    2yo colt by the same sire as Redif, similar conformation. Exceptionally calm as a 2yo, might be suitable for kids coming off pony, will be a very safe type for people to ride, had saddle on already - No problem in the process at all whatsoever.
    alt text

    RDI Made Hoff (SOLD)
    6yo dark bay mare out of PSSC Made for Loving You and OLCS Historm Wiangle. Competed in EA - 88 points, ICSS registered. A genuine horse to have fun with, not a top level competition horse but very willing to please. She also jump and xc.
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

  • Updated & new horses added, older horses coming soon.
    Please note: I never sell any foundation horses, they are all 2nd/3rd generation at the moment.

  • Is RDI Ambric an Oldenburg horse or a Friesian Sporthorse?

  • @Marte-Eide He is an Oldenburg as stated in his description :)

  • @Deheive-Aro But he is registered as a Friesian Sporthorse

  • @Marte-Eide oh I didn't realise haha, must be a mistake! Will change it

  • @Marte-Eide edit request submitted! Thank you for noticing this!

  • Hi!! I was wondering if I could buy these ones if they are still for sale, Dribble, Ambric, and Redif? they would be going to a vey active home. I will pay 2000 for Dribble because I see he is on hold and will pay 2000 more then the person buying him if needed.

  • @Kaitlyn-Waterfield

    She didn't mark him as sold but we transferred his cash and files just a day ago, so Dribble is sold :/

  • @Kaitlyn-Waterfield Hi Kaitlyn! Yea @Lidija-Rotherford is his new owner now she purchased him before your comment. Sorry I didn't keep the thread up to date. Redif is the only one still available at the moment. Ambric is sold.

  • @Nathalie-Z-J This is my sale thread, anymore horses that are for sale will go on here :)

  • One new horse added

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