RDI Oldenburg Studs ( bonus points ) - BIY/Traditional

  • Welcome to Stud thread of Raos Dressage International.
    Today we offer two stallions - RDI Aubergine & PSSC Made for Loving You.

    Here are couple rules from me:

    • The foal must have prefix RDI.
    • Payment/ or plus mare are to be sent before breeding.
    • Any breed can apply.
    • Please register the foal realistically ( e.g. no dressage baby register as cutting horse/race horse)
    • Stud fee is counted by points - 1 point = £50
    • When I have more ideas I will update xD

    RDI Aubergine (ee/Aa)
    9yo Oldenburg Stallion actively competing on ES & EA. Register Number 26280, currently have 27 points in Dressage = 1 bonus points, and 22 points in halter. Has couple offspring who came out beautiful, one of them is Waldessarini: 28886.
    Stud fee: £ 2450 (3 slots)
    alt text

    PSSC Made for Loving You (aa/EE/Gg)
    11yo KWPN Stallion - the grey beauty. He had a lot of offsprings and has proven to be very influential to their conformation. As a KWPN he is very strong and compact, standing at 16.3hh, competing at Grand Prix level on EA. Not registered here, which made the stud fee drop.
    Stud fee: £500 (5 slots)
    alt text

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