[Found] Someone to merge my CC

  • Hey guys! I've noticed that the more CC I install into my game, the slower the game gets (duh). And I've read somewhere that it appears that the number of CC installed seems to be a bigger issue than the size of it. Therefore I would like to ask if someone would be willing to help me merge some CC for me, I will of course pay you the price you want or make you an import if you would prefer that. Is there someone who could help me out? <3

  • @Iris-Hammel I can help you, of you send me the CC you want to merge :)

  • @Daria-Burtseva aaaah, Daria that's so sweet of you! I'll send the files over during the day, thank you thank you girl <3

  • If you still need a helping hand, I'm available :smiley:

    Just shoot me a DM if you ever need help with merging :heart:

  • @Jasmine-Wilkinson Thank you for the offering hand Jasmin, but Daria was so kind to help me out <3

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