ISO Dressage Mares!

  • I have realized I have way too many stallions! So I need some mares!

    Ideally I am looking for:

    • Dutch Warmblood, Irish Sport Horse or Irish Draught mare

    • Competing in dressage

    • Preferably a lined horse - but open to foundations

    • They would have a loving and active home!

    • I am willing to pay based on quality- I would also consider a lease that allowed me one breeding

    Please send me a message on here or slack if you have any lovely ladies that would fit the bill!

  • I have two KWPN mares coming up for sale.

    KPE Ghana
    Competing Prix St. Georges with 85 points.

    KPE Indiana Art
    Competing Prix St. Georges with 91 points.

  • @Neeve-Kalford Sent you a PM :heart_eyes:

  • still looking ?:)

  • @Jade-Nguyen yes I am!

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