[Open] Vantage Point Equestrian Studbook

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    Welcome to Vantage Point Equestrian's Studbook! I offer BIY and traditional breedings. All horses have 5 open slots, as they fill I will mark accordingly. Prices ARE negotiable! Feel free to throw me an offer. Contact me on the forum or slack to book a breeding or for more information.

    BIY Rules

    ♥ Use your prefix! As this is a BIY and I am not creating the horse, said horse will reside under your prefix.
    ♥ You can use two avaliable horses for a foal, both listed fees will be combined in this case.
    ♥ There are no activity requirements!
    ♥ There are no selling restrictions either. If you wish to sell the horse, sell it!
    ♥ Once the breeding is confirmed, please send payment immediately. Conformation photos avaliable on hand if needed

    Traditional Rules

    ♥ Foals will come with custom markings, with their name on the preview. Do not distribute the markings.
    ♥ I charge an extra $10,000 to make the foal.
    ♥ You're free to tweak shines and shaders, but no drastic changes to the coat!
    ♥ You may slightly tweak confo, but no drastic changes to that either.
    ♥ Don't put the sim up for public download!
    ♥ Please put your favorite movie in your application, so I know you read the rules!
    ♥ You cannot change the prefix.
    ♥ I would appreciate being offered to buy back the horse if you wish to sell.
    ♥ There are no activity rules, but seeing the horse once in a while would be a plus!

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    Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) | 2nd Gen | Grey (Bay) EE Aa Gg | Eventing, 132 Points; State Champion | $21,500 | 4/5 Slots

    Foals receive 13 eventing bonus points

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    Hanoverian | Foundation | Bay | Ee Aa | Eventing, 102 Points; State Champion | $5,700 | 5/5 Slots

    Foals receive 3 eventing bonus points.

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    Andalusian | Foundation | Black | Ee aa | Dressage, 155 Points; National Champion | $7,600 | 5/5 Slots

    Foals receive 4 dressage bonus points.

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    More stallions to be added at a later date.

  • More mares soon

  • Londinium's biy is just 5,700$? I think it's should be a little more ;)

  • Prices are based on bonuses given to the foals (: This is now officially open!

  • RLH Londinium's slots are gone! Will add another mare within the next few days. Also, a new thing! I'll provide a main site profile (traditional breedings only!) and registration photos upon delivery of the foal.

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