Main Site Name Duplicate

  • Hey everyone! Just wondering who i need to contact. Ive just been informed that there is another Neeve Kalford on the main site but spelt 'Neive Kalford' this is seriously so confusing im wondering if this person is still active? Im wondering if this account could be deleted if they are not as our names are right next to eachother when sending money so it could be kind of confusing. Also find it weird that someone made an account with basically the same name as mine.

  • Competition Committee

    I don't think there is anything you can do to be honest :/ I don't think they can delete the account because of the way the main site is built, if they could they would probably have deleted all those duplicated accounts instead of writing "inactive" on them.

    Also you shouldn't have to worry about payouts in shows since the name isn't spelled the same way :slight_smile:

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