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    Welcome to The Members' Cats Club!

    First off I would like to say that this is not an official Equus run group this is a Member’s run club on Equus. I’m Yu-Mi Shimizu, founder of the club and registration. It’s thanks to members interest and encouragement that we have decided to give this a shot. It is member run and will only survive with member participation and suggestions. Our main room on slack is #cat-chitchat

    This club’s sole purpose is to create a database of cats that are found around Equus for those that are interested in more than just our four-hoofed friends. Whether it’s breeding, trading, or adopting. When you register your kitty, you receive a personalized Clip-art Badge. This Badge lists your Cat’s registration number, Name, and Breed Description and color. There are no other perks to registering your cat, the only foreseeable perk is an (optional choice of adding) in a photo challenge the ability to enter your registered cat for slightly higher worth prizes. (but no cat if barred from any photo challenges even if not registered).

    Registration is incredibly easy, there are no breed standards. The only requirement is that the color exists in a cat. Breed Standard regulations are solely up to you as the member to maintain, and will not be up to the club administrators to police.

    What you need to register:

    • Name:
    • Decent Photo of your cat (Editing is Optional)
    • Breed: (If your Cat is not of any purebred lines or specific breeds, list as Domestic Short Hair or Domestic Long Hair. If you know your cats breed percentage please list it. (ex. 50%Siamese 25%Persian 25%Rag-Doll))
      *Fur length
    • Birthday
    • Gender: Tom(breeding male), Queen(breeding female), Spayed, Neutered.
    • Color
    • Owner Name
    • Pedigree; List Sire or Dam, if foundation, List as Adopted, Rescue, or Purchased.

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