[ sold ] Reclaimed horse auction


    • do not use the horse as a template nor put for mass download.

    • minimal changes in template/coat are allowed.

    • if the horse is missing any markings you have to replace them with similar one(s).

    • if you no longer want the horse you are obliged to contact us first as we may want the horse back.

    • active homes ONLY!

    • do not use the horse as a breeding machine.

    • include word 'peanutbutter' in your first bid.

    • we reserve the right to cancel the auction of any reason.

    LGS Belamente
    Peter Pan von Rosendorn x Monachyle's Blackthorn Mist
    bonus points in eventing +5
    NOTE: this horse has been reclaimed due to inactivity of the previous owner, Belamente hasn't been registered so she has no points in her discipline. Please, do not bid if you cannot at least enter the horse in R shows! I do not require pictures every single day but R shows are a must if you want the horse. Too many of our horses became inactive or have been inactive for a long time now and i'm just tired of writing to people. I truly understand that RL is more important, I truly do! But please, take under consideration that we spend long, tiring hours to create the horse for the community's members and it would be so nice to see it at least taking part in R shows. As I said, pictures are not obligatory! Just loving home and active future : ) She might also need a little update if it comes to coat as she was created in September 2016 ;/


    Starting bid: $10,000
    Min. bid increase : $1,000

  • ~20 k , Peanutbutter 🍯

  • @Nicole-Löffler
    oh hi there, Nicole ^^ <3 accepted !

  • Sold to @Nicole-Löffler, congratulations!

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