Registry / forget password

  • Hi ES Staff xD
    I have a friend wanting to register on both ES, main site and forum. She says she registered a few times but no one ever contacted her. I checked Tori Belliard's profile ( where on the log in page it says go to find) found out he/she hasn't been very active recently. Would any of you please help?

    Thank you!

  • Tori Belliard is no longer the New Member Manager, that's something that has yet to be changed on places like the log-in page, however - as of posting this, I'm the person to talk to.

    If she signed up to the forums but had an incorrect username format, then she would have been emailed with info on how to re-register. If she signed up for the Main Site first and didn't sign up for the forums, there's a high chance she will be denied or is sitting in limbo until she registers for the forums because I can't accept Main Site accounts that don't have a matching forum one. Forums registration has to come first now otherwise there's not much I can do, so if you could tell your friend to register on the Forums with a correctly formatted username that'd be a good first step.

  • Awesome! Thank you!

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