[ URGENT ] Lexington Stud's Leases

  • Welcome to Lexington Stud's leases! Due to the fact that college starts in a week, I am forced to lease out all my horses so that they can stay active when I will be busy with school. Different levels, different disciplines to choose from, so I can bet (almost) everyone will find something for themselves. Now the requirements:
    • While applying for the horse(s), the leaser accepts the rule number one which is taking part in R shows actively.
    • The leaser is not allowed to breed the horse during the lease ( exc. breeding as a payment at the end of the lease)
    • The leaser can skip a show, or two without any risk ( we're all human, easy) but when the horse becomes inactive during the lease, it will be canceled without a warning
    • The leaser will not receive horse's file, only mainsite profile to be able to enter the R shows.
    • You can apply for as many horses as you want, but please, only the amount you can truly 'take care of'!
    • As my bugdet is limited, the payment is limited but of course negotiable - all winnings from the shows belong to the leaser, I cannot promise big sums but the leaser has a right to one free breeding at the end of the lease.( note that not every leased horse might be available so you might have to choose from the ones that are).

    Here are all our horses for lease : https://equus.community/profile.php?id=4999

  • NOTE: Some horses are still looking for leasers!

  • @Jade-Nguyen said in [ URGENT ] Lexington Stud's Leases:

    NOTE: Some horses are still looking for leasers!

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