[ENDED] All horses sold

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    | Downsize 2017 |
    After thinking about it for a long time, I've decided to do a big downsize. It was not an easy choice since I love all my pixelhorses, but it is definitely a must. My goals and my focus changed, a semi fresh start is probably the only thing that can give me back my motivation. The thread will be open for a while and new horses will get added to it regularly because I can't put them all on the list at once (waiting for breeders to answer messages, waiting for mainsite changes to be done, etc..). So I suggest to look at this more than once.


    How do I buy a horse?
    Contact me on slack or dm me on the forum. First come, first serve.

    Where can I find the rules?
    They are written down on top of the sheet.

    Is horse xy for sale?
    If you can't find the horse on my sales list, it's not.

    Can I reserve a horse before you put it on the list?
    No, it would get too messy if I do this favour to a bunch of people. Sorry.

    I've bought horse xy for you and it's missing some markings.
    In case you want, you can either download my markings folder (be aware, it's huge) or replace the markings with something similar. It's nearly impossible to track the correct markings down.
    Horse Marking Folder

    alt text
    alt text

  • Quick information: The downsizing will go on after the mainsite change requests are done. Please be patient.

  • Du you have a picture of Fleurette? the profile pic dont work

  • @Nathalie-Z.J
    Fleurette's sold, there's a link to a photo album for every horse on the sheet.

  • Is one way only sold?

  • @Nathalie-Z.J
    So far, no.

  • Update: new horses on the sheet. Will add even more tomorrow

  • Grüzi ! You have amazing horses! unfortunately I can't afford anyone at the moment.

  • Do you have some pics of isleta?

  • Development Committee

    @Nathalie-Z.J There's a link to an album of pictures for each horse in the Pictures column on the sheet

  • Update: last big bunch of horses got added to the sheet now

  • Bump, 14 horses left

  • Last chance - horses which are still not sold tomorrow will go to a lottery-raffle/reclaim-account

  • This sale has ended, all horses are sold! Thank you

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