Builders/Owners for an Equestrian Community

  • GOAL

    To create a world with a group designed to house multiple/stables and farms.

    How Will this work?

    Will start off with a blank image that will represent the world. Depending on how many people would be interested and the lot style they would like would effect the size of the world chosen. After the plans on the image is everyones property will be blocked in with terrain paint in CAW.

    The world will then be passed around from builder to builder who will focus on their patch of land and build the shell of their facilities. After they are done they can pass the world to the next person who will then work on their own segment. I would recommend chatting with the neighbors to see if there can be agreements or ideas. (Examples: Type of fence between properties, or sharing an arena between two facilities.

    Afterwards if there is a public area (showgrounds/events/shops) as well as the exterior can be decorated by volunteers to give it an enclosed look. Afterwards the world will be converted and everyone that worked on it will get a copy. Then you can decorate the interior of your place.

    If you are interested feel free to DM me or post here explaining what size and shape of farm/discpline/breed/features you are looking for in facilities such as pond features/hillside/close or hidden away by other farm. This will make it easier to brainstorm and layout the town. Also feel free to post any questions.

  • This is such a neat idea! What like area of land will this be based on? More green green, mid green or desert or all things inbetween?

  • The land/location would be decided on by the group as a whole, this way we can all try to blend in. People will be allowed to go crazy with their gardening or lack of if they would like a lower maintenance landscape.

  • Administrators

    I can volunteer to build some of the public locations (show grounds, both schooling and professional, a vet practice, maybe a tack shop) just let me know. :) If you need examples of my work I can show you, I have a lot of building experience.

    I might be interested in maybe moving my lesson barn to this world as it'd be more clearly public and make more sense RP wise. I'd only need space for two 10 pony stall small barns, an indoor, an outdoor ring, a round pen, some dry lots and a parking lot. I could easily fit this on 2 64x64 or some odd sized lots. Closer to any suburb or city would be best and surroundings don't super matter though maybe a forest would be cool.

    I think this a really great idea and I hope we can get it done!

  • PR Committee

    I've been considering moving either my drafts or my ponies to another world, so I'd definitely be interested in being a part of this!

  • Administrators

    @Andrea-Burdine If you wanted to move your ponies we could probably share space or be competing lesson barns:joy:

  • Breed Committee

    I love ideas like this but it's such a shame because my facilities are faaaar too massive to fit in a world with other farms, lol. So I'd just love to see how this turns out if such a venture is successful!

  • @Blake-Bellanaris

    Thank you so much that would be amazing. That would make sense for them to be in a more public place.




    We shall see what we can do. I hope this venture takes off, I've been wanting this for a while. XD

    Okay attached is link to a google drive folder and in it there is two files. The first is a sheet, you can fill with what you would like to build, there is also a section that says: "Being edited by:" In the slot next to it you can add your name that way we know it's being worked on at the moment. When done editing the image feel please send file or link to picture to me as unfortunately I can't get other to revise or add files. (If you know how please let me know)I will also remove your name from sheet that way someone can download the newer version and add edits.

    There is also a picture for download, this features a medium size world with a block that is for a 64 x 64 lot. There is also a block to represent the size of a road. If there is not enough interested we can see how it would look on a smaller size world. Feel free to add details if you would like, this is mostly to choose your facility boundaries.

    Hope this all makes sense. :'D

  • Administrators

    Did you have some sort of idea where a town would be on the world? I'm personally not sure where to put things on a completely blank slate :X

  • Started working on the layout to kick things off. So far the roads are roughed in, there is a place near the highway for an equestrian center and at least 6 large shops. The darker green is where a backdrop will be created to avoid seeing the ocean and hopefully make the world appear bigger.

    Here you will find the info on who is working on it now. Currently: no one
    A pic of how it currently looks and photoshop image with all the different layers.

    Not too sure how I feel about the roads, and those are allowed to be edited. We can also discuss changes here.

  • Really interesting idea! If someone wants to participate that would like someone else to build a few barns for them, I'd gladly do so.

  • Administrators

    Ohh yay, I'll go ahead and be the next one to add to it then! What do you have in mind for the lots that are already there?

  • On the road that leaves the highways I can picture a couple large shop and a few small shops sharing a parking lot (tack and feed shop), Small Grocery market, gas station, maybe even a vet office/clinic. The area around them could be used for trails and heavily forested.

    The area above the shops is an area of estate homes on acre parcels. They could just be families that are trying to move out of the city but still keep a community feel. Could possibly use smaller lots and add a smaller more.

    The equestrian center is not really specialized and can feature and indoor and outdoor arena. There could also be an open area used as extra parking for events or as a place for a marketplace during seasons. I could see it surrounded by less trees to be more visible to the highway and usrround by a road that branches into the acreages.

  • Administrators

    0_1507510368250_MediumWorld B.png

    Here's what I've done, I switched the equestrian center with the "main street" so now it's a little more secluded, also added a parking lot lot for it to fill that space that the road will take up. Maybe the field could be used to XC? I haven't figured that out yet. I buffered the whole thing with trees since some horses coming to shows may not be used to highway noise so that can help.

    The main street now wraps around that one side, maybe harvest fields will be on the other side of it? Or someone's equestrian center if they want of course. A school could be on that small little road near it with a park or something filling the space next to it.

    To the bottom I went ahead and added my little space, it has the 3 large lots (or they can be a mix of small/medium lots, I enjoy challenges like that) and the gravel parking lot at the end of the drive way. I surrounded it with woods and a little stream/creek, I left everything after the edge of my little plot bare in case people don't want to be in a forest :)

  • PR Committee

    0_1507513166377_MediumWorld C.png

    Here's my addition (and I accidentally moved a layer wrong and didn't notice until now, can the next person fix that please? Sorry!) Just added a few lots that are going to house my ponies and possibly drafts? @Blake-Bellanaris if you want to open up that spot between our sections and maybe share a little pasture or riding arena that could be neat!

  • That looks awesome! :D

  • Administrators

    @Andrea-Burdine we could do a shared pasture for sure! Only three of my horses there will be pastures so there will be plenty of space!

  • This sounds like such a great idea! I think I have a barn that would fit perfectly. I can also do houses if needed. :heart_eyes:

  • I have quite a few barns in my complex that we could place and let people "rent" I just need to renovate their insides
    I also have my arena and vet clinic that people could use. I really love this idea. Just let me know what we need. <3

  • Administrators

    I still think this is an awesome idea!

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