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    Kirrawae Park proudly presents our first public breeding. For the first time some of our fantastic horses have become available for breeding. This will be available for limited time only so book your service or embryo as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

    • Prices are based on BIY terms, an extra $10,000 is added to the fee should you want me to make the progeny.
    • If a traditional breeding is chosen, my ID #899 must be put as the creator when you register your horse.
    • Horses will not retain the KPE Prefix if BIY is chosen.
    • Files will not be sent.
    • Horses have unlimited slots for the time being. Horses will be withdrawn from public breeding if the demand becomes too high.
    • All progeny must be named after the sires starting letter (happy to help with names if needed).
    • Send me a message here or on slack to apply for a service or embryo transfer.
    KPE Cassiago
    Grand Prix Showjumping - 212 points - Progeny +5 SJ - Swedish Warmblood - Foundation
    KPE Cladestein
    Advanced Showjumping - 152points - Progeny +3 SJ - KWPN- Foundation
    RDEC Vandalist
    Advanced Showjumping - 158 points - Progeny +14 Sj - KWPN- RDEC Gottecourt x RDEC Voccardieu
    RP Prince of Exhibition
    Intermediate Showjumping - 126 points- Progeny +13- KWPN- NRR Show Stopper x HRST Lucky Lucy
    KPE Pita Pan
    CCI*** Eventing - 193 popints - Progeny + 3 points - Swedish Warmblood - Foundation
    KPE Sicario
    CCI* Eventing- 84points- Progeny +7 - Swedish Warmblood - Pita Pan x Kingsman's Carina
    KPE Trivoli
    Prix St Georges Dressage - 131 points - Progeny +9 - KWPN - Triviant L x Duval's Zendaya
    KPE Charmeur
    Intermediare I- 149points - Progeny +3 - German Riding Pony - Foundation
    Duval's Zendaya
    Grand Prix Dressage - 220 points - Progeny +5 - KWPN - Foundation
    KPE Casenza
    Open Showjumper -156 points - Progeny +13 - Swedish Warmblood - KPE Cassiago x KPE Dominica
    KPE Dominica
    Grand Prix Showjumper - 174 points - Progeny + 4 points - Swedish Warmblood - Foundation
    Kingsman's Carina
    CCI* Eventer -120 points - Progeny +3 - Swedish Warmblood - Foundation
    KPE Vada Nova
    CCI** Eventer - 187 Points - Progeny +4 points - Swedish Warmblood - Foundation

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  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Prices changed with mnay having a significant drop!

  • @Breanna-Fahnestock Love that combination. Has produced some great babies in the past!

  • I know it's not related to the topic but I could stare at them for the whole day.

  • @Lidija-Rotherford Hahahah thankyou!

  • Will be adding new horses very soon and removing horses from the service. Vandalist and Prince of Exhibition will be having a break from breeding duties for a while so if you want any straws please let me know now. They will not be available till further notice.

  • RDEC Vandalist and RP Prince of Exhibition only have 1 dose available to the public. I will be removing them from public breeding duties this week so get in fast!

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