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    Hello Everyone,

    Join our community in a live chat program called Slack! Chat with friends, peruse different channels for showing, advertising, communication with staff, you name it!

    Chat Rules

    1. Members ES slack name must match their forum & main site name.
    2. Public spaces on ES are rated PG and topics in all channels must abide by these. Remember that the minimum age to join Equus is 13 and keep conversations on topics appropriate for a 13 year old.
    3. Profanity is allowed in moderation, and as long as it isn’t directed at members. Excessive profanity is not allowed.
    4. Piracy of any kind isn’t supported by Equus in our official slack. This includes file uploads, links, and advice/support in pirating material in any public channel.
    5. Chat must be in English (or with an English translation) in all public channels except the specific channel for that language.
    6. Spamming is not permitted on Equus slack - this is especially spamming a repeated message, but also includes drowning out other conversation by sending many messages unnecessarily, or sending many pictures.
    7. Members may not share other member’s photos without permission, even for complementary purposes.
      If you have permission to post another member's photos, you might do it like this:
      (photo by John Doe, posted with permission).
    8. Promoting forum threads (for sales, scrapbooks, services, shows, etc) is not permitted outside of the #advertisements channel. The posting of links to help direct members to information or resources is permitted (e.g. Posting a link for a member who can't find it on their own) in other channels.
    9. Members must not post chatter in the Advertisements channel.
    10. Advertisements and announcements may not be posted in General Chat, and must relate directly to Equus. Anything else may be removed or edited without warning if deemed to not comply with this rule.
    11. Any negative or passive aggressive commentary in which a member is targeted (either by name or obviously inferred) is against the rules of Equus and Equus slack. This includes any gossip, personal insults directed at members, or negative commentary about any posted content (pictures, CC) posted by any present or absent members.

    Members who do not comply to these rules may lose their Slack privileges at the discretion of the administrator in addition to a possible warning, suspension, or ban.


    Fill out the Slack signup form here:

    Slack Signup Form

    View Signups Submissions and Responses

    The Mature Channel

    Equus slack’s Mature channel was removed due to people being unable to comport themselves as mature adults. It is being reinstated as an invite-only channel, in an effort to maintain it as an open-minded place for discussion and fun.
    If you wish to join the Mature channel, please read this document: Mature Channel Rules & Entry

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    Hey everyone! Sorry for the long waits for slack signups, they have been taken care of! Everyone who has been waiting for one should have just gotten a message from slack to the email you submitted! Hope to chat with you soon :horse:

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