Game Crashing

  • My game has been crashing for the past couple of days and nothng i've tried is working to fix it. It crashes on the game loading screen after it is like 95% loaded.

    I checked my package files in sims3dashboard (and removed bad ones), I have deleted my world caches and compositorcache ect.

    I also checked my .saves file to make sure my save wasn't corrupted. It isn't.

    I have reloaded the game probably like 10 times in the past 4 days and I can't figure out how to fix it. Any ideas?

  • Have you tried deleting DCCache missingdeps.idx, nav.bin in Downloads, all the pictures in featured items, tslus.bin, the .bins in SigsCache and also the CasThumbnails and ObjectThumbnails in Thumbnails? That's what I always do to clear everything before I start my game up after it's crashed.

  • I have deleted the pictures in featured items but not the other ones, I will try that thanks!

  • It's worth a shot, let me know if it works after that!

  • I deleted them and I am about to try, but I was looking through my installed worlds and there seems to be a repeat of a world, maybe that is causing it?

    One of them is called (worldname).world and the other is (worldname){1}.world

    Should I try removing one of them?

  • Don't delete world files, if you want to uninstall worlds you have to do it through your launcher :)

  • Yeah I know. I have the world in the launcher and the world file to go with it, but I was wondering if should delete the extra copy with the {1} in the name.

  • Oh, I actually don't know... Is it a Cache file?

  • No, it is a .world file

    Like I have World in the launcher
    and I have file

    and then I also have World{1}.world

    I decided to delete it and just try opening the game. I can always just put it back if it doesn't work haha.

  • Haha yeah okay make a copy of it and try it without!

  • I tried it and it still doesn't work.

    I scanned dccache with sims3dashboard, found a corrupted file and some conflicting ones but they aren't listed by name, it is just an arrangement of random letters. How am I supposed to find these to remove them? Maybe these files are the problem after all?

  • Yeah, I'm afraid you can't find them. What was the name of the files in the DCCache folder?

  • Whoops, I mean dcbackup, not dccache. They look like these.

  • Oh wow, these are actually just copies of your sims3packs if I remember correctly. Delete all of them cause they're just backups, but for the love of god do NOT delete the ccmerged.package. They can actually take up a lot of space, so it's always good to clear them out, especially since your dashboard said they found some conflicting ones.

  • It works now, thanks!

  • Great, glad to help! :)

  • If it still doesn't work you can use this Crash Analyzer.

  • Thanks, that will definitely come in handy!

  • lol, I am having crashing problems again and deleting the caches and stuff didnt fix it this time

    i converted a lot of my cc to .package files and then put it in the packages folder so that it is easier to see if it is conflicting, but I didn't find anything

    it keeps putting error message documents in my sims3 folder.

    i also got like 2 script error document messages if it helps any

  • Did you convert your sims3packs into package.files before your game crashed or after?

  • (Sorry for the really late reply lol)

    The game was crashing and I was tired of reloading it multiple times to play so I converted the files to .packages. It doesn't work at all now.

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