[Ended] Hanoverian Stallion

  • Welcome to WWREC first auction


    • Please do not share the horse (mass download). Only share (to new owner) files if they are being sold. First contact use if you are gonna sell him.

    • Do not alter coat or conformation in any way. Shine and detail markings may be edited though as long as it doesn't affect the coat too much as i understand everyone has their own preferences.

    • Please do not change his name as it has been given for a reason. Also, please do not remove or add your own prefix. The horse has to keep WWREC, or his current prefix if it isnt mine.

    • This horses is being sold off as show horses. So please please please, enter him in every show possible. Active Show home only

    • You may geld/breed/sell them as you wish. If you are interested in selling them, please contact me first as i may want to buy them back as.

    • If you are missing markings, please feel free to add similar ones, or just remake the marking. I will NOT help you find missing markings.

    • He has mainsites which will be linked under his pictures.

    • Please add an emoji to your first bid so i know you have read the rules. :heart:

    WWREC Nikki

    Breed: Hanoverian
    Gender: Stallion
    DOB: 01/16
    Color: Dark Bay
    Genotype: Ea/Aa
    Height: 12 hh
    Discipline: Show Jumping with 10pts
    (He is a foundation horse so if you want to add parents to give him bonus pts you can do that)
    This is WWREC Nikki, Nikki was brought to this world when we first started on Equus. He has a great personality and would never do anything bad to his owner, he is great with kids so he is an amazing first time horse




    Starting bid: $2,000
    Min bid: $1,000

  • SB ^^

  • 5000 🦄😍❤

  • @Kaitlyn-Waterfield said in [Ends 24h ALB] Hanoverian Stallion:

    5000 🦄😍❤

    Accepted :)

  • Congratulation to Kaitlyn Waterfield, you just got yourself a new horse. I've sent you a DM :)

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