{Ended | Winners!} Holmgard's Arabian Promotion Auction

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    Welcome to Holmgard's very first arabian auction. We have brought to you 4 lovely arabians from Holmgard's horses to gather in this auction today to promote our growing stable. Holmgard has spilt itself from our main stable, SBS, to grow its own breed, differentiating from warmbloods. Not a big sale, but we hope we can find these 4 magnificent horses a home. All Arabians here are SEA.

    All 4 come with a mainsite with their preferred disciplines, but as their new owner, you may change it/them as you desire. The 4 horses in auction DO NOT come with custom markings (as i have had little to no time to create these), so new owners are welcome if they wish to make them a custom marking, copying the markings the horse already has. To those that wish to keep the horses markings as it is, i will/can send out a link to my markings folder in my drive, which contains all public markings i have in my game.
    As these horses are foundations, you may add/find parents if you wish.

    This auction will go for 3 weeks (21 days) and will end on the 25th of October. Any bids placed on the 25th will turn the auction for said horse into a 24hrs ALB auction. Just to make sure people don't miss out.

    Starting bid for all horses is $5,000. Minimum bid Increase is $1,000. There is no maximum bid increase, and there is no auto buy on any of the horses.
    (I have never had the starting bids this low in an auction, but I'm trying something new to see how it goes :) )

    Before placing your bid, please check out the rules below:

    • Please do not alter coat or conformation pf the horses. You may only alter shine/detail markings as some people have their preferences/game settings.
    • Must keep the prefix 'Holmgard's' and you may not add your own.
    • Please do not put these horses for mass download.
    • Im not fussy on activity, but please keep the horses as active as they can be, otherwise why did you place a bid?
    • You may geld/breed/sell said horses, but please message me first before you sell, as i may be interested in buying them back.
    • Please put an emoji in your first bid so i know you read the rules :heart:

    Holmgard's One Fine Day - Bay Sabino Mare

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    "Indi hasn't been at Holmgard long, but boy oh boy has she left us all in fits of laughter. This funky little mare sure knows how to make you giggle. Her snorts and farts when being ridden will have you in tears of laughter. Other then her odd gasses, shes an excellent mount to ride, even if its just on the trail. We aren't yet sure what this mare is capable of, but we do have high hopes for her." ~ Charlie's Blog (More From Holmgard).

    Holmgard's Razuli - Chestnut Mare

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    "Ree is also another great mare. She is very sweet, kind and has a great temperament. She loves to get down and dirty to play in mud puddles, and enjoys swimming and wading though the rivers when she's taken out. She will most likely be put into Eventing, so she can have all the fun running though mud and jumping logs in XC. We hope to register Ree soon so she can become part of our new (secret) breeding program that is still upcoming. :wink:" ~ Charlie's Blog (More From Holmgard).

    Holmgard's Aleazar - Bay Mare

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    "If Ally was a human, she'd be a massive well known company owner, famous all over the world who had servants who did her every job. Yup, shes a little, hmmm. What do we call it. A princess. Dislikes getting her feet dirty, and is dressed in pink most of the time. Has to be rugged or she wont step a foot into the pasture. Other then that, shes a lovely mare with a kind heart and great movement. Just don't get to close to her bum, she kicks!" ~ Charlie's Blog (More From Holmgard).

    Holmgard's Almaa al Jamiil- Flea Bitten Grey Mare

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    "Bombproof. The one word to describe Ayasha. Very curious, but isnt fazed by anything. Need a kids pony? Use Ayasha. Need to sleep but dont have a bed? Come take a nap on Ayasha's back, she wont move a muscle and she'll sleep with you too. If you do see us at the show, my best bet is to avoid us at all costs. She will bug the hell out of you for smooches and cuddles." ~ Charlie's Blog (More From Holmgard).

    Highest And Current Bids:

    Holmgard's One Fine Day ~ $26,000 ~ Lucca Jager

    Holmgard's Razuli ~ SB ~ Allison Person

    Holmgard's Aleazar ~ $26,000 ~ Lucca Jagar

    Holmgard's Almaa al Jamiil ~ $10,000 ~ Allison Person

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  • SB on Holmgard's One Fine Day and Holmgard's Aleazar 😃

  • Development Committee

    What strain are they?

  • Can I search them sire and dam? Problem so the Need to ne registered as foundations?

  • @Lucca-Jager
    Accepted :)

    Sorry i didn't list this! They are all SEA's. Ive also added this to the main post :P

    Yes you may find parents for them if you wish. I added this to main post :smile:

  • Development Committee

    Holmgard's Almaa al Jamiil - SB :unicorn:

  • @X-tina-Hoxha
    Accepted! :heart_decoration:

  • HOLMGARD'S ALEAZAR - 6k :deer:

  • Holmgard's One Fine Day ~ 7k :panda_face:
    Holmgard's Razuli ~ SB :airplane:

  • @Jase-Sunshine
    Both accepted! :)

    Leading bids have been updated

  • Holmgard's One Fine Day - $8k
    Holmgard's Aleazar - $7k

  • @Lucca-Jager

  • Holmgard's One Fine Day ~ 10k

  • ALEAZAR - 8k
    ONE FINE DAY - 11k :) :)

  • Holmgard's One Fine Day - $12k
    Holmgard's Aleazar - $9k

  • Aleazar 10k

  • Holmgard's Aleazar - $11k

  • All bids accepted :P

  • Holmgard's Aleazar - $12k

  • Holmgard's Aleazar - $13k

  • Accepted!

    Leading bids updated :P

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