⚜ Langtree Stud Leases ⚜ [Open]

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    Langtree Stud Leasing

    While the owner of Langtree Stud is taking some personal time away due to real life issues, we think our horses still deserve some loving and to be entered in shows to keep gaining points and those awesome little things we call titles. So with that being said we have limited ourselves to 10 active horses and the rest will be leased out to active members only. Please take time to read the rules before applying for a lease.


    • Active Members Only
    • Profile Only - I might make an exception to send sim files.
    • Do not breed the horse during the lease .
    • Lease will be 1 ES year (4 Months) Can be extended or cancelled at anytime.
    • Horse must be shown in all R shows for its disciplines - missing 1-2 shows is fine.


    • $1,000 Each month ($4,000 end of lease)
    • One BIY from lease horse end of lease.

    Please just send me a personal message over on Equus Community Slack or personal message on the forum regarding which horses you want to lease.


  • Just an idea... If the horse's current level is listed, it would be easier to see if you can fit the horse into your competition crew (like L6 is full of my own horses but I have 2 empty slots in L5 where a lease could fit) :slight_smile:

  • @Merida-Dahmer Omg why didn't I think of that :P Thankyou! I will update it today

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