[ENDED] +22 Eventing Filly

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    Hi, and Welcome in ouer auction. We recently have changed ouer stable name from Hoofbeat’s Competitioners to Celtic Stud. So this is the first filly born under ouer new prefix.


    • Don‘t share her custom markings, confo or coat with someone else, expect you sell her or lease her out and don’t reuse them for other horses.
      *Don‘t make any changes to her coat, confirmation or markings.
    • If you sell her please tell me who is her new owner.
    • If you leave Equus, it would be great when you contact me so I might take her back.
    • Don‘t change her show name(this also includes prefix)
    • I really would like to see her active in competitions since this is what she is breed for.
    • Please add a emoji to your first bid so that I can see you read the rules.
    • She only has really few public markings, so that I can help you to hunt them down if needed(only detail markings and two dapples)


    Celtic‘s Waterlily

    This filly is coming from some really great lines. His sire is ouer beloved Hunting‘s Prince of Gods (NFE/HCS Dunamis x Sovereign's Princess of Hearts) and by RDEC Lynnvile (RDEC Illuminartist x RDEC Lirik).
    With this pedigree she already now gets an amazing +22 pedigree bonus in Eventing. Also she gets a small bonus in Show Jumping and Show Hunting.
    Also she comes with two custom markings, one for her white markings and the other one is a highlighter.

    We haven’t tried her undersaddle yet because of her young age, but with that pedigree we are sure she will do well. She is a real sweetheart. As soon as she sees someone coming near her stall or paddock she comes to get a cuddle and a treat. Leading her through is a pain in the ass. Even here she has nothing in her mind than cuddeling, with some training we are sure it will get easier.

    She is registred so she is ready to go and can directly start her showing career at her new home.

    Starting Bid: $20,000
    Minimum Bis Increase: $1,000

    This auction will end on the 21st October if bids are placed on that day it will change into a 24alb auction.

  • SB! What is her breed though? :D

  • @Emilia-Gardner said in [21/10] +22 Eventing Filly:

    SB! What is her breed though? :D

    Totally forgot to add that. She will be registred as a ISH. And also accepted

  • She is now also registred

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Kaitlyn-Waterfield said in [21/10] +22 Eventing Filly:

    21k 😍😍❤


  • Administrators

    22k! :D :D

  • I see she isn't getting as much attention as she actually deserves, that bonus and pedigree is awesome!

    23k! :stars: :sunglasses:

  • Development Committee

    $24,000 :slight_smile:

  • All accepted:blush:

  • 25.000!!!

  • @Elené-Mikrelew said in [21/10] +22 Eventing Filly:


    Not accepted, please read the rules!

  • Ops, sorry, I forgot :rosette: Now, I can give 25k

  • Development Committee

    $26,000 :horse:

  • 27.000 :yen:

  • Development Committee

    $28,000 :dromedary_camel:

  • 29.000 :rocket:

  • 30,000 <3

  • 31.000 :ok_hand_tone1:

  • Development Committee

    32,000 :sparkles:

  • All accepted. Since there was a bid placed on the day the auction should end, it has changed into a 24h ALB, as mentioned in the first thread.

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