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  • Welcome to my scrapbook! Here at Absaroka, we breed Arabians to compete in endurance racing. We also train them in dressage in order to improve how they carry themselves, and if we feel they are skilled enough, we will also compete them in beginner levels. At present we have two competing mares.

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    A grey named Absaroka Monaco, known around the barn as Mona. She is calm and focused on the trail, but can get hot around other horses. She is a bit of a bully, but Candy holds her own. Mona is also our greatest expense because of her habit of leaning on fences. She has forced us to upgrade to reinforced fencing around the mare pastures. Before we did this she lead four escape missions, showing Candy around our poor neighbour's pear orchard.

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    And a chestnut named Absaroka Candy Apple, also known as Candy. She is an efficient mover, but spooks easily. Many a calm evening ride were ruined when a breeze caused the trees to make incredibly dangerous shadows that we MUST run away from. We are currently working on convincing her that the flapping flags that mark our route will not, in fact, torture her to death. Off the trail, she is the moderator of our mare pasture. Seeming to resolve any conflict that Mona might cause with the others.

  • I hope it's ok to comment? :) First of all, your album looks so lovely already, can't wait to see more! I really like how detailed your horses look like, and those eye lashes make them look so adorable <3

  • It's absolutely ok to comment, and thank you! I don't remember whose scrapbook I saw that put eyelashes, I've been on hiatus so long it might have been the old forum lol, but I thought it looked so nice on their horses. I still need to practice to make mine look as nice as theirs was.

  • Two beautiful mares :heart_decoration:

  • Your mares look stunning :)

  • @Lidija-Rotherford said in Absaroka | First Mares:

    Two beautiful mares :heart_decoration:

    @Serena-Bass said in Absaroka | First Mares:

    Your mares look stunning :)

    Thank you both!

    Welcome Eye of the Hurricane, a Crabbet stallion imported by Kiha Kim. He'll be the last of our foundation horses, joining the endurance team.
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    He's very high energy, which can be a problem with endurance. As he's only five, and his real endurance training is only just starting, we are hoping he will begin to mellow out.

  • What a lovely boy!

  • That stallion look so full of energy <3

  • beautiful stallion <3

  • Oooh what a movement! :yellow_heart:

  • @Jade-Nguyen said in Absaroka | Welcome Eye of the Hurricane:

    What a lovely boy!

    @Serena-Bass said in Absaroka | Welcome Eye of the Hurricane:

    That stallion look so full of energy <3

    @Nina-Ricchi said in Absaroka | Welcome Eye of the Hurricane:

    beautiful stallion <3

    @Luna-Andrews said in Absaroka | Welcome Eye of the Hurricane:

    Oooh what a movement! :yellow_heart:

    Thank you all!

  • One of my favourite pastimes is just sitting by the pastures and watching our horses interact. Here's a picture of Mona in one of her moods, like 'zoomies' for a dog. Candy just looks on, she's got much more important grass to munch.

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