Absaroka | SPH Pensacola Blues (Grade Challenge)

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    What a lovely boy!

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    That stallion look so full of energy <3

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    beautiful stallion <3

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    Oooh what a movement! :yellow_heart:

    Thank you all!

  • One of my favourite pastimes is just sitting by the pastures and watching our horses interact. Here's a picture of Mona in one of her moods, like 'zoomies' for a dog. Candy just looks on, she's got much more important grass to munch.

    alt text

  • Here's introducing our staff, more are to come eventually.

    alt text

    alt text

  • Here's my first little attempt at a story. I hope it works, I wouldn't exactly call myself a storyteller.

    alt text

    Max had already tacked the horses up when I arrived.
    “I got ‘em warmed up a bit too, so we can skip the arena warm-up.” Max shouted as I walked towards her.
    She always was impatient.
    “Right on, let’s go!” I replied. I figured if I pretended to be happy long enough about being dragged out of my warm bed to go on a maintenance run when it’s 10 degrees out, eventually I’d actually believe it. At least soon, even Max will agree it’s too cold to train outdoors, and we’ll finally get to focus on my favorite: dressage in an indoor arena. Still, until then, it’s long conditioning rides every Friday. I suppress a groan.

    We mount up and set off down our trail.

    alt text

    Edit: that is supposed to say sunrise, not sunset, whoops!

  • Pff, conditionin rides are very important :P Well, maybe not so early in the morning though haha :D

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  • I applied for Zahid's brumby clinic, you can read my application, and a bit about a new staff member, here

    Let’s pretend that I got Ekspertka when it was still warm and summery because I didn’t want this set in winter, mmkay?

    Our newest arrival is a Polish Arabian imported by @Breanna-Fahnestock. Her name is NA Ekspertka. She’s been spending the last two weeks in the quarantine barn and is starting to settle in to life at Absaroka.
    “She’s gorgeous, Maxine. You made a great choice” Brooke was standing on the fence, gushing over our new arrival.
    “Glad to hear you like her, I’m not so sure.” Max simply leaned against the fence, and watched the mare trot along in her turnout pen.
    alt text
    “What do you mean?”
    “Look at how she moves Brooke, she’ll never be able to calm that down enough to do well.” Brooke’s smile faltered. Max was right, she was awfully flashy for endurance.

    alt text
    “Yeah… I guess so.” Brooke stared at the ground. Since she’d arrived, Brooke had been head over heels for Ekspertka. But now it seems that Max may not be keeping her. Maxine looked up at her dejected friend and employee.
    “Now, I suppose I did promise you free boarding for one horse of your own. So uh…” Max offered, not quite sure how to say she was giving the mare to Brooke. Brooke looked up, eyes wide and mouth open.
    “Really!” She smiled
    “Oh Max, she’ll do fantastic with me in dressage. You’ll see!”
    “I can imagine, especially with you as her trainer”
    “I don’t know how to thank you, this is more than I could have ever imagined!”

  • I love your arabians, they're really stunning :)
    Ekspertka is probably my favorite.

  • Great story & the horse is realy stunning

  • @Mathilde-Dahler said in Absaroka | Maintaining Fitness: > I love your arabians, they're really stunning :) > Ekspertka is probably my favorite.

    Thank you! I wish I could take credit, she was imported for us by Breanna. She is the only one so far that actually looks like an Arabian lol

    @Mira-Green said in Absaroka | Maintaining Fitness:

    Great story & the horse is realy stunning

    Thank you!

    @Breanna-Fahnestock said in Absaroka | Maintaining Fitness:

    She looks great! Can't wait to see how she does with you in competitions!

    Of course! She's waiting in the registration queue now

  • I entered the RP dressage phase with Ekspertka

    NA Ekspertka
    alt text

    Brooke Gubler let out a long sigh before replacing Ekspertka’s halter with a bridle. Today was the first show with her new mare, and Brooke couldn’t swallow her nerves. She climbed on and walked Ekspertka out to the warm-up pen. As long as she focused on movement, her nerves and excitement couldn’t take over. She eased Ekspertka through her range of motion, asking her to extend, stretch, and stay relaxed. Maxine appeared near the pen and waved Brooke over. It was her turn next.

    The pair trotted out, thankful that the introductory level had an arena with natural light. Brooke didn’t think she could take harsh stadium lighting. She swallowed hard, went through the pattern one last time in her head, and began their performance. Ekspertka behaved beautifully, but it was clear that Brooke had been focusing on dressage as a supplement, a form of strength-training for their endurance horses, instead of as the main event for a long time. Ekspertka, flashy as ever, swished her tail and lifted her knees high throughout the test. She seemed to enjoy dressage as much as Brooke did, a good match. By the middle of the test, Brooke had calmed down, gotten into a ‘groove’, and the difference was easy to see. Ekspertka is a megaphone, she reflects and amplifies any feeling her rider has. The pair ended in 5th place.

    “Pretty damn good for her first show” Maxine smiled, meeting Brooke at the exit of the arena. Brooke hopped down and lead Ekspertka by the reins.

    “Understatement of the year, Max! She’s a natural. I think she just likes the attention.” The last sentence was directed at Ekspertka, who received a good neck scritchin’ and her favorite apple/oat cookie as a reward for a job well done.

    Lachlan Matthews speed walked past leading Absaroka Monaco out of the Training level show.
    “Last one to finish clean-up buys drinks!”

  • She is such a pretty girl. And congrats on placing so well in her first show!

  • Thank you! She did a wonderful job

  • She made sure her rider relaxed :P Pretty mare!

  • She did, Brooke is so happy with her!

  • Max, Brooke and Lachlan here are showing off my advent poses in the RP phase of the current barrels show. Big thanks to @Sadie-Woodson for loaning me these four beauties! Download for the posepack here: link

    RWH Spooks Gotta Lover

    alt text

    RWH Merry Go Round

    alt text

    Hunting's Rebellious Fury

    alt text

    Hunting's Hollywood Super Villian

    alt text

  • Solarus hadn’t been herself the whole trip. She never traveled well, but this trip seemed especially rough. She had been anxious through the whole trip, refused water the first day they were in Wyoming, and only nibbled her feed. Regardless, the two days before the race had been an improvement, she finished her rations and drank like normal, and Maxine and the show vet signed her off as in condition to ride. Julianne and Sol set off, Sol throwing her head constantly and coming to a screeching, ears-pinned halt at the slightest movement of the reins. They arrived at the first vet checkpoint at a walk, Sol worked into an utterly unreasonable lather for the first checkpoint. Julianne explained Sol's behavior and wondered aloud:
    “I can’t work out what’s wrong. I checked her feet, her tack, everything should be fine! Should we just pull her?”
    Maxine looked at the exhausted mare and nodded.
    “Definitely, and I’d like you to look her over when you’ve got time. I’d pay you like a regular visit, of course.” She said to the on-site vet.
    “Absolutely, and no charge, what am I here for if not this?” The vet replied.
    The two women chatted while the vet looked over Solarus.
    “I never should have even started her today, I knew something was off. She hasn’t been herself all week, what was I thinking?!”
    “Julianne, don’t be so hard on yourself. Really, I’m the guilty one. I signed off on the ride.”
    “I guess, but I’m her rider, I should notice this BEFORE we put her through that stress.”
    “Hey ladies, I think we’ve found our problem!” the vet called the two women over. He lifted Sol’s lips to reveal dozens of ulcers.
    “These were all over her mouth, she must have gotten into some cheatgrass. The bit was rubbing on these and causing all sorts of pain.”
    “Poor baby” Julianne said, guilty and sad. They pulled Sol immediately and Maxine called the stable to have them check the fields.

    alt text

  • I just love Merry Go Round, her markings are so cute!

  • Thank you! I'm so glad Sadie let me borrow her horses for those

  • I love your horses, and all the RP stories. It's really nice :clap_tone1:

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