Absaroka | SPH Pensacola Blues (Grade Challenge)

  • She looks lovely and happy! <3 for Gemmy :)

  • @Kody-Böhming said in Absaroka | Fun at the lake + a new rider!:

    She looks lovely and happy! <3 for Gemmy :)

    Thanks so much for letting me buy her! She's one of my favorites

    alt text
    alt text

    Welcome to your new home RVR Midnight Mob Express! I purchased him and his half-brother RVR Don't Mob My Apples from @Eric-Varnheim. This is Vannah bringing him to the stallion pens from the quarentine barn. He's very photogenic. He's quite stocky and his face looks very sculpted.

    alt text

  • alt text

    Vannah and Lucia both elected to work the evening shift on July 4th. Both were new in town, both weren't the partying type, and both, well, Vannah at least, would never pass up a shift together. Lucia arrived at the mare barn around six. The facility was quiet, the commotion of the day had settled, leaving just the somewhat restless noises of hungry horses. She found Vannah already in the feed room, getting together the girls' nightly rations. Vannah looked up and smiled, "Hey, Luce! How's it going"
    "Pretty good, I'm not looking forward to tonight though, my dog's convinced fireworks are the greatest threat facing the nation."
    Vannah chuckled "Poor baby"

    alt text

    "Ar -are you wearing makeup to do the evening chores?"
    "A girl likes to dress up sometimes" Lucia replied with a smile
    "It's cute"
    You're cute. Is what she meant to say. Why couldn't she just bring herself to say it?

    "Anyway, these horses won't feed themselves!"

  • image

    I've gotten two more horses for Sawtooth, three actually, but I don't have pictures of the last mare yet.

    RVR Don't Mob My Apples
    alt text

    RVR Don't Mob My Apples is a chestnut AQH stallion. He's a half-brother to RVR Midnight Mob Express, and I got both of them from Richard Sterling.

    PLR Smokin' Dream
    alt text

    PLR Smokin' Dream is a Buckskin Tobiano APH mare from Cristyne Westwood

    and last, here is another picture of RVR Midnight Mob Express, or Capone, as he's known around here

    alt text

  • alt text
    alt text

    This is OCS Ima Star Chic, or Chica. Kody always does incredible work, she's one of my most photogenic horses!

    alt text
    alt text

    She managed to make friends with Barq's (PLR Smokin' Dream)

  • @Maxine-Spencer <3 thats not my work. You should thank momma D/Z Ima Star Chic and daddy CSR The Masked Lonestar for this beauty! :p
    Glad to see her happy and healthy :3

  • Well, regardless, I love her! Thanks so much for letting me have her!

  • @Maxine-Spencer PLR Smokin' Dream looks good in her new home. I'm happy to see she's made a friend :smile:

  • @Cristyne-Westwood Thanks so much! I love her

    alt text
    alt text
    alt text alt text alt text

    “So when’s your sister coming into town?” Lucia Martinez Castillo said, reading the week’s duty roster and sipping her coffee.
    “Should be any day now, said she had some new mutt to show me. Let’s hope this time her ‘home-bred champion mix’ actually has some talent this time.” Adeline Walker chuckled and picked up the issue of Horse & Rider sitting on the coffee table.
    The distinct rumble of Suzanne’s old truck in the distance caught both women’s attention.
    “That’s her now” Said Adeline, heading toward the door to greet her sister.
    “Addi! How’ve you been!” Suzanne shouted from the back of her newest treasure.
    “Pretty good, is this the grade you’ve been telling me so much about?”
    “Oh yes! And look, she’s gaited!” Suzanne took a small detour around Adeline to showcase her mount’s ability.
    Suzanne dismounted and greeted Adeline with a hug.
    “So what’s her name? How’d you find her?”
    “Pensacola Blues is her show name, I call her Blue. I found her at auction, they said they had no real idea what she is. I think some quarter horse, and a little mustang. Maybe some Morgan, the old type, not the newer type. She’s definitely a good part Paso Fino. Did you see her move! It’s amazing, she’s a natural. And bombproof, you cannot spook this-”
    “She’s beautiful” Adeline cut off her sister’s rambling list of attributes.
    “I think this time you really could get a champion out of her. I know I say that every time, but this time. She’d do amazing in trail, mountain or western.”
    “Hell, we’ll give it a go. At least she’s pretty.”

  • Such a cute Storie! :kissing_cat:

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