(Found) WCIF - Leg Marking and Star face marking

  • Hello!

    I'm looking for this leg marking and this star face marking for a lease I currently have. I did a quick google search but didn't get very far so was just wondering if anyone recognized them!


  • The star is made by me, ages ago, but I think that I still have the file somewhere. If you have an email I can send you the file for it ?

    The legmarkings are made by Dweia, I have that file as well if you want me to send it to you as well.

  • @Annie-Emerson Yes please that would be great for both! :D


    Thank you very much :D

  • I've sent an email to you now with the files :slight_smile:

  • @Annie-Emerson Thank you so much! I've received :D

    Can't wait to show off my new lease later :D

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