Diana's Simports [CLOSED]

  • Development Committee

    The slots were taken pretty fast the last time, so you have to be real quick if you want a sim!
    Examples will also be added real soon, so keep an eye out for this topic.

    To the ones who already requested and are waiting for their new sim; A new message will pop up for you later this evening with pictures! :heart:

  • Development Committee

    All slots taken!
    Wow guys, already?! You really make me blush! Can't wait to make more sims for you all :heart:

  • @Diana-Sæterbakken oh sh*t xD it's too late again hahahah

  • I'm so happy I did my request when I did. I'm so excited to see what you come up with.

  • Development Committee

    Yeah, I'm shocked that so many people are interested in my sims and that all the slots are taken so fast! I thought it was maybe one or two people who would be interested :o It really warms my heart guys. Thank you! <3

  • Can we still send in applications when all slots are full or do we have to wait? Because I would love to have a sim made by you!

  • Development Committee

    You have to wait, unfortunately. It's just easier for me to keep track off the requests this way. :slight_smile: It will probably open up at the beginning of next week or something! <3

    I'll be gone this weekend. And may not be able to send files before Sunday or Monday. I'm really sorry about this, but something's happened in RL that I have to deal with, so I will head over to Sweden for two days and have to take care of something there. I apologise for the inconvenience and I promise you will get your sims as soon as I'm home. Thank you for understanding <3

  • Development Committee

    Last time all the slots were taken so fast, so you better hurry up if you want a sim! This may be the last time I open up depending on how much free time I have in the coming weeks. It may or may not be opened a few times more, but if you really want a sim I wouldn't bet on it. Also, Examples have been added in the second post, so take a look at them if you're interested in seeing previous requests!

    Please keep in mind that this time it may take longer time to finish the requests from today on because I'm back to work for a few weeks. I also do want to build, play, take pictures and enjoy my own game and not only finish requests and create sims in my free time. I'll try to not use more than a week to finish each sim, but no promises at the moment.
    Thank you for reading everything and thank you for understanding <3

  • Sorry...had to....I loved my other sim from you and just needed another :)

  • Thank you so much, Diana, my sim ended up looking just perfect! You're truly talented girl, and I hope I will get a chance to get another sim from you some day. I really recommend her sims for everyone <3

  • Development Committee

    @Nora-Pigott That's alright; I'm just happy you like my sims! :heart:

    @Breanna-Fahnestock All the slots were taken pretty fast this time as well XD I can't understand how fast they are taken! I got six requests before I was able to close it down because they just poured in and I didn't have the heart to delete them. I might open up this one more time because obviously, people seem to like my sims a lot :slight_smile:

    @Luna-Andrews Anytime Luna, I'm so happy you like the sim. <3 It was so much fun creating her! Thank you for this beautiful comment, it really warms my heart <3

  • I've sent you the request, but i'm not 100% sure. Can you please check it? xD :blush:

  • Development Committee

    @Malin-Støvreide I haven't received it, unfortunately... All the requests I've received is listed on the progress sheet. :slight_smile:

    I've had a terrible cold for just a few days, but I'm still recovering from it, my throat is better, but I keep getting these headaches which makes me unable to sit on the computer for longer periods. I can sit on the computer and do some buildings and stuff, but I need breaks all the time and to create a sim I need to sit straight for a few hours to concentrate. Because of that, I have decided not to do that before I'm better to make sure I'm able to create a beautiful sim for everyone and not a halfway done sim.

    I will be available on slack from time to time, but please keep in mind that even if I'm listed as online there, I might be asleep or not available. This is because I have slack on my phone and it's messed up so I can't show myself as inactive when I'm not around. I'm sleeping a lot at the moment, so I had to let you know. I will write here once I start on requests again!
    Thank you for understanding. <3

  • I hope you feel better!!!

  • Take time to recover, your health is more important :)

  • Get well soon!

  • I hope you get better soon :heart:

  • Development Committee

    Thank you guys, you are amazing! :heart:
    Luckily my recovery has been speeding up the last few days so I'm starting to feel comfortable sitting on the computer for a longer time again. I will try to get started with the sims in the coming week, right now my game is really slow so I'm only going inside CAW, but I will clean it up on Monday so it will be faster again! I will update this thread as soon as I'm starting on these requests again.

    And to all that is waiting for a sim I've already finished; Please just contact me if you haven't received your sim, so I can send it over. <3

  • So happy you're feeling better!

  • Development Committee

    Hello guys!
    Wow, it's been almost a month already... Everything has been happening so fast, and I haven't been much around lately. It started with this cold which wouldn't go away, and when I had recovered from it, my horse began having problems with his hooves in RL, so I've spent days and weeks to make him recover from it. Everything's honestly been a mess. We've had the vet here now, including three different farriers, so he's starting to get better which means that I can finally start playing again!

    So this means that I need answers from the ones on the progress sheet( @Erica-Ackerson @Nora-Pigott @Kayla-Albright @Erin-Cooke @Addelle-Watson @Freya-Valkyrie )

    If you still want your sim you can either PM me or contact me on slack; you will get 50% discount each on the service due to the long wait you've been going through. This means it will only cost you $5,000 for this sim. :slight_smile:

    If I don't get a message from you by Sunday 19th, 12:00 AM (CEST) I will delete your requests and open up for new slots instead.

    Have I missed you in the tagging? Or do you miss some files for the sim you received? Please contact me, and I will try to help you - or send my whole sims cc folder to you. I just haven't kept track of all the messages received this month nor last month.

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