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    With the new 2019 announcement (yayy!) my interest in making sims bloomed again and now I finally feel like my sims actually will have true meaning in equus and the game. However, I already have my staff ready and have no use for more at the moment, so what shall I do about that when I'm all about making sims now? Well, I thought of maybe opening up my long-awaited sim making service again! I mean, we all are in need of some new riders now, aren't we? So come here, sit down and relaxe, and let me do the work for you!

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    First of all, I don't do sims after reference pictures. That's why it's called random simports. Nothing scary like, "you don't get to choose what you get" random, just simply no reference pictures. This is because I usually get stressed because I can't make it look like references, and I end up ruining my whole inspiration for sims. However, this doesn't mean you can't get a sim with dark blonde hair and thick eyebrows, because you may choose hair-, skin-, and eye colour, also other stuff you think would be important to mention. You are allowed to say things like this "Thick or thin eyebrows, big or small mouth/nose/breasts/butt" etc. or whatever, just no reference pictures. None. Not even for only lips, eyebrows or nose - you have to describe it with words. Otherwise, your request simply won't be accepted.

    Well, how does this work then?
    All you have to do is to tell me what you want. Be as specific as you can or give me free reins. I work best without any restrictions, but I can also create something sweet with a particular request. Just remember no reference pictures.

    It will cost you $10,000 for this service.

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    These are important
    • You can of course change whatever you want on the sim, people always change personal appearance as they age. Go wild!
    • You may not take credit for my work; credit where it's due. Even if you change the sim.
    • Do not under any circumstances use this sim as a base for your other sims. I recognise my sims even if heavily changes are done.
    • You can request as many sims you want, but you may only apply for one (1) sim at a time, when your sim is finished you are allowed to request another one.
    • When your sim is finished I will contact you, but if you don't reply and/or send the money whitin' one week you will not receive your sim, and I have the right to do whatever I want with it.

    .... And some extra info for those who read eveyrhting, this is not as important:
    • If you refuse to receive the sim after it's created, I have the right to use them myself, sell them or give them away.
    • Certain custom content may be hard to track, such as hairs. I will try my best, but if I can't find it, I will help you find an alternative.
    • I reserve the right to use the sim(s) created by me in showcases on Tumblr and/or Equus sims when needed. However I will never use the sim in any other ways, and I will never use them for gameplay or stories, nor will I use it on any sims community. The sim is and will always be, yours entirely.
    • I also reserve the right to decline any application if I feel uncomfortable with creating it.
    • Applications with reference pictures will be declined.
    • Optional, but highly encouraged; I'd love to see the sim in your game so please try to tag me in updates so I can see all those simmies in action!
    • You will receive an album of your sim upon completion. This album will contain pictures of sim, posed and unposed, edited and un-edited + CAS shot, so you can see how the sim will look. You are free to use these pictures for rider registration or share in your scrapbook or everywhere else in the community, slack etc. Just remember to credit me for the pictures if you post them other places than in the sim registration.


    ...of course, we need examples! At the moment I'm really low on examples, I only have old ones. I have improved a lot since then, but you can still take a look at them. Once requests are finished, I will keep updating with new examples! Here's a link to the examples: https://sta.sh/21eyoswtqa25



    How long do I have to wait for my sim to be finished?
    Some sims will be easier to create than others, so the time will vary. One sim may take a day while the other I need longer time to finish. Usually, it won't take longer than a week. If it takes longer than a week you are more than welcome to contact me and ask about your sim.

    I'm low on funds but would really like a sim/update from you, do you take other forms of payment?
    Yes, I do! If you're low on funds we may discuss other payments over PM or Slack.

    What kind of other payments are you accepting?
    There's lots of options here! Here are the ones you can choose from: You get a brand new sim from me, and I get a sim of yours, it can be really old or new - it doesn't matter! I love to update sims so I'll gladly take an old sim and in exchange, you'll get a brand new one from me. Other than sims I also take poses, one can never have enough poses. In some cases I will also accept horses, breedings, markings and coats, but please don't be sad if I don't accept yours, sometimes I just don't have use for certain breeds or maybe I already have enough horses in a breed! : )

    My sim is missing a lot of CC or doesn't look like your pictures! What do I do now?
    First of all, I use an HD mod. This makes the sims crispier and nicer, but it is completely optional. You can download Elsie's HD mod here. If you're missing CC you'll have two options: you need to install every single mod I have in the folder I send with your donwload - or you can send me a picture of how your sim looks in CAS so I can remove the mods you're missing and save it on new so you'll get the sim with less CC.

    Unfortunately, tracking down all the cc I have is impossible, because not all of the hair or makeup has custom thumbnails. However, all my sim-related custom content (except hair and clothes) are included in my CC folder, which I'll always send together with your sim.

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  • I love your idea! So if i didn't get it wrong, 10000$ for a randomised sim? :)

  • Development Committee

    That's correct.
    However, if anyone is low on funds I may also accept other forms of payment. :slight_smile:

  • @Diana-Sæterbakken said in Diana's Simmies [NOT OPEN YET]:

    That's correct.
    However, if anyone is low on funds I may also accept other forms of payment. :slight_smile:

    I might send you a request then ;) i need to add few sims in my game but i'm lazy to make them hahaha typical me. Anyways you're amazing!

  • Can't wait for this to be open :smirk:

  • You will be seeing me here for both options. <3 ;)

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    Can't wait! <3

  • Development Committee

    Thank you for the interest guys! :heart: :heart:
    This is now officially open, I will open up 4 slots for each service. First come, first serve!
    Please PM me or contact me on Slack if you have any questions or concerns. : )

    Examples will be added as soon as they're finished uploading, may take some time because my internet is really slow atm.

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    All random simport slots has been taken. Theres still 4 sim updates left if you still want a sim.
    The progress sheet will be updated tomorrow. :slight_smile:

  • @Diana-Sæterbakken said in Diana's Simmies [OPEN]:

    All random simport slots has been taken. Theres still 4 sim updates left if you still want a sim.
    The progress sheet will be updated tomorrow. :slight_smile:

    Will there be more random simport? :$

  • Development Committee

    @Malin-Støvreide I hope it will, but I can't be sure before the requests I have now are finished. I will update this when I know for sure. :slight_smile:

  • @Diana-Sæterbakken aaaa okay hahaah i thought you will make ONLY 4 random sims so thats why i asked. Hahahaha okay 👍🏼

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    @Malin-Støvreide I love making sims, so I've decided to open up at least 4 more slots! :slight_smile:

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    The slots were taken pretty fast the last time, so you have to be real quick if you want a sim!
    Examples will also be added real soon, so keep an eye out for this topic.

    To the ones who already requested and are waiting for their new sim; A new message will pop up for you later this evening with pictures! :heart:

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    All slots taken!
    Wow guys, already?! You really make me blush! Can't wait to make more sims for you all :heart:

  • @Diana-Sæterbakken oh sh*t xD it's too late again hahahah

  • I'm so happy I did my request when I did. I'm so excited to see what you come up with.

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    Yeah, I'm shocked that so many people are interested in my sims and that all the slots are taken so fast! I thought it was maybe one or two people who would be interested :o It really warms my heart guys. Thank you! <3

  • Can we still send in applications when all slots are full or do we have to wait? Because I would love to have a sim made by you!

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